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Friday, June 15, 2012

"Seasons of Love" Visit @ TVBE Clip

Myolie Wu and Kenneth Ma were filming a hand-holding finale scene for "Seasons of Love". In the series, Myolie plays a museum employee, while Kenneth plays a private investigator. The two will also have a CPR scene.

Myolie Wu Reveals Little Known Side to Kenneth Ma

Myolie Wu: "He is very funny. Before, he had been using a very old phone".

Kenneth Ma: "Well, that phone wasn't broken yet!"

Myolie Wu: "It's one of those phones that can only make incoming and outgoing calls. All those picture-taking functions...does not have any functions at all. I asked him before, 'Your phone...are you still using that one?' He said, 'It's broken'".

Kenneth Ma: "Well, if it's not broken yet, there's no way I would get a new one!"

Myolie Wu: "He said that he now has a new phone that can surf the net! Yay! Very smart!"

Fanny Lee: "Finally have it!"

Myolie Wu: "Very smart!"

Fanny Lee: "Very smart! Have you used it?"

Kenneth Ma: "Have...."

Myolie Wu: "Have.... He said that he has clicked on apps".

Fanny Lee: "Clicked on apps. Do you have the one that can look at tvb.com?"

Kenneth Ma: "Temporarily do not have it yet".

Fanny Lee: "He really makes me mad. He really is very honest!"


Myolie Wu: "I asked Ma Ming, 'Why don't you open Weibo?' His answer was, 'Because someone told me that if I don't reply to fans, fans would yell at me!!' [sweat][sweat][sweat][pick nose][pick nose][pick nose] Would you guys yell at him?"

Personal Note: Ha ha.... Ma Ming finally upgraded to a smartphone! :P

He he.... It makes sense for Fanny to comment on Ma Ming being a gentleman, as they had an intimate scene in "The Mysteries of Love". ;)

*Credits to www.myoliewu.org and Weibo

1 comment:

  1. Kenneth , you are so cute and honest. Looking forward to watching the new drama series with Myolie.