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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Miriam Yeung Holding Good-looking Baby Revealed


Ming Pao Clip


Miriam Yeung and Real Ting's son is finally revealed for the first time! Since giving birth, Miriam has been low-key, and had secretly discharged from the hospital with her loving son. Proud father Real could not hide his joy and had especially posted a warm picture of the family of three on Weibo to share with netizens, and excitingly wrote: "The world of three finally begins!" Miriam, with a light layer of makeup on, looked as lively as ever. The baby's appearance was also quite adorable...handsome five facial features just like parents!

FYI: On August 16th, at a Shiseido event, Real revealed his son's name to be 「進諾」, meaning that his wife has carried out her promise to him by giving birth to a baby.
FYI: Miriam gave birth to a baby boy on June 5th, 2012, weighing 7 pounds, 5 ounces. They named the baby 'Torres' after the Spanish soccer player Fernando Torres because both baby Torres and Fernando are handsome. Torres has also been given the nickname 'RMB' meaning 'Real and Miriam's Baby'.

Personal Note: Congratulations to Miriam and Real! Torres is so cute! He has Miriam's mouth and Real's eyes (single eyelids) and nose!

Although it is rare to have 'Torres' as a first name, glad that Miriam and Real did not name their son 'Fernando'. He he.... :P

*Credits to mingpao, the-sun, and Weibo


  1. Torres looks so cute! <3

    I also think that Torres has Real's nose hyn5 but the news that I've read keep on mentioning that he has Miriam's nose?

    1. Surprised that many news articles were saying that Torres has Miriam's nose.