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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Selena Li Wants to Receive Diamond Ring from Kenneth Ma


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Kenneth Ma and Selena Li appeared as a 'rumoured couple partnership' for the ribbon cutting of Just Gold's new shop. They appeared as newlyweds; Kenneth also put on a $400,000 worth two-carat wedding ring for Selena, but did not kiss the 'bride'.

Selena said that [they] already kissed when filming. She wants Kenneth to give a diamond ring the most, and also highly praised him as being the industry's hot property: "We haven't collaborated for a while...also miss him a bit". It has been rumoured that she has become acquainted with a number of wealthy friends...received a diamond ring or not? Selena said, "None. Friends would not give gifts out of nowhere. If accept something, must pay a price, so I would not accept gifts so easily. Kenneth laughingly said, "If Selena agrees to marry me, then I will give [her] a ring. She actually has many pursuers...it's just that it's difficult to win her over". When asked whether he dares not to pursue another because he misses ex-girlfriend Nancy Wu, Kenneth said, "Never thought of these. I also do not know whether Nancy is single or not. Back to being friends now...has always been very comfortable". He expressed that he has never given diamond rings to females...giving jewellery at most.


Selena Li: "Dr. Wing and Tong Gor Jai are getting married today!"

Personal Note: Love that Selena said that she misses working with Ma Ming! :P Also miss seeing them together in series, but happy to see them at events with each other! :D

*Credits to kennethma.org, hkheadline, tudou, eastweek, gztv, mingpao, the-sun, and Weibo


  1. OMG! Selena actually misses working with MM? That's so sweet! :D Seriously when are MM and Selena going to film together again? I love Fishhead but I also love MM and Selena together!

  2. Haha...acutally thought that they were getting married for real! Wouldn't that be nice? ;)

  3. Ah, Love seeing them together as a couple, hopefully they can be in a new series tgt as a couple or in real life =P