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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Competing in Table Tennis, Louis Yuen Unexpectedly Defeats Ruco Chan


"Extra" Clip

"Scoop" Clip


TVB's new series "No Good Either Way" averaged 30 points and peaked at 32 points on its premiere. Yesterday, the series' leads, Ruco Chan and Louis Yuen, had a funny table tennis match. Louis laughingly said that [he] wanted to challenge former Hong Kong team member Ruco's ball skills, and even expressed that the losing party would have to donate blood or crawl under a table as a punishment. In the end. Louis' team won unexpectedly.

Before the match, Ruco and Louis used peaceful measures before using force by praising each other. Louis laughingly said that this match is like venturing in the mountains, knowing that there are tigers inside. He laughingly said, "I'm not good at playing ball games...best at sneezing, yawning, and chatting". Ruco frankly said that [he] hasn't practiced for seven or eight years. [Reporters] laughingly asked Louis whether there was a need for Ruco to throw the match. He said with complete confidence: "I don't need him to throw the match. I'll let him serve first. If play seriously, there would be no entertainment value because I would definitely not be able to match up to him". Louis expressed that the losing party was supposed to "leave the paddle, leave the ball, and leave underwear"; however, to avoid going overboard, it was changed to a doubles match. Ruco and Meini Cheung worked together, while Louis and Jason Chan were partners. The losing team would have to donate blood for charity. In the end, Louis' team blindly defeated the old master, winning unexpectedly.

Personal Note: At the first promo event, Ruco did suggest for the losing party to "leave the paddle, leave the ball, and leave underwear". Although Kristal did not witness the match between Ruco and Louis, it was funny how she Weibo-ed asking whether Ruco had fulfilled the promise! Ha ha.... :P

*Credits to headlinedaily and wenweipo


  1. I was surprised by the title turns out they were playing in pairs. That's true if Ruco played seriously then Louis would lose very fast which isn't fun.

    haha funny how Kristal weiboed Ruco and ask if he fulfilled the promise of leaving his underwear lol.

    1. From the clip, it didn't seem like Louis was that bad.

  2. I didn't expect Ruco to lose because I had my money on him winning! :P Haha! It looked like Louis was the one who was taking the game seriously! He was like smashing the ping pong ball!