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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

"Tiger Cubs" Celebrates Victory, Joe Ma Feels Proud and Elated


J2 Clip


TVB's new series "Tiger Cubs" premiered on Sunday, peaking at 30 points and averaging 29 points, becoming the entire week's highest-rated series. Yesterday, the cast held a celebration event and also celebrated Joe's 44th birthday in advance. Mandy Wong, JJ Jia, and Kayi Cheung pretended to give a kiss. Afterward, Joe excitedly hugged Kenneth Ma, while Him Law was told by the producer to hug Vincent Wong...a funny scene.

Joe is very satisfied with these results. When asked whether [he] felt happy and elated, he laughingly said, "Yes. Yes". He thinks that the arrangement of the release of the series at a new time slot needs some figuring out. Initially guessed the ratings to be 23 to 25 points. Now that there are good results, the series crew is also very excited...also hope that the ratings go even higher. As for viewers complaining about violent scenes, Joe explained, "Usually, major cases would call for the Special Duties Unit. Later, it will continue to have bloody and violent scenes, thereby placing it at a rather late time slot to air". As for accusations of plagiarizing the film "Breaking News", he said, "Cop shows cannot escape robbery. Most importantly, the performances from different actors have different refreshing feelings. Everyone also enjoys watching it". Joe revealed that [he] will be inviting the actors to a celebration...also bringing his wife and son along".

Kenneth Ma Laughs That JJ Jia Loves Kissing Oscar Leung

Kenneth was revealed by the producer to have frequently NG-ed when filming kiss scenes with JJ. After hearing this, Kenneth laughingly said, "Much thanks to the help of the behind-the-scenes [crew]...if it was not the sound, it was the lighting that had problems. However, the other day, after JJ and Oscar Leung filmed a kiss scene, didn't want to kiss another person anymore...thinks that the other party is the most kissable". JJ promptly denied, saying that Oscar was talking nonsense.


ckwok: "Thief husband and thief wife in 'Tiger Cubs'...Mr. and Mrs. To Tin Yue! Although To Tin Yue has already been captured in the first episode, Kenneth Ma said at today's celebration event, 'We will be back!' [freak out][freak out] I absolutely anticipate this thief husband to quickly come back! [freak out] @fatumaijj"


Someone on Weibo said, "Ma Ming is so handsome...unexpectedly over in one episode [angry][angry][angry]". Then Jessica Hsuan replied, "Would we waste Ma Ming's acting ability like this? [wink]"

"Scoop" Clip

"Tiger Cubs" Ratings Celebration Promotional Clip

Personal Note: A good start to the series! :)

What's with TVB filming kiss scenes on the initial days of filming? o_O

Ha ha.... In the Wenweipo article, JJ said that she was upset that her other kiss scene with Ma Ming was edited out, so she can only get the clip back and re-watch it at home as a commemoration. :P


When Ma Ming and JJ said that their appearance in the series was too short, it must have been the producer who said, "Let's film a spin-off, okay?" Would definitely want to see the background to their story! ;)

*Credits to the-sun, mingpao, wenweipo, HKLOVE.org, and Weibo

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