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Saturday, June 16, 2012

"A Great Way to Care II" Info


Temporary Chinese title: 《仁心解碼2》
Pinyin title: Yan Sam Gaai Ma Yi
Temporary English title: "A Great Way to Care II"
Producer: Marco Law

- 25 episodes long.
- Alex Fong (Ko Lap Yan/高立仁) will continue to treat illnesses and solve cases, but the female leads have been changed to Tavia Yeung and Yoyo Mung. The threesome will be involved in a triangular relationship.
- Raymond Wong (Lee Ying Chun/李應春) got rich and went to Malaysia. The three 'malady men' will consist of Alex, Ram Chiang, and the addition of doctor Edwin Siu.
- There will be different psychiatric illness cases, and there will also be the introduction of the Forensic Psychiatric Services, which will collaborate with the Police Department and the Department of Justice.

Personal Note: Surprised that TVB Weekly explained why Raymond Wong will not be taking part in the sequel (his character actually moved to Singapore at the end of the first installment), but did not mention what had happened to Kate Tsui's character.

Guessing that the roles from the Forensic Psychiatric Services, the Police Department, and the DOJ will be distributed among Tavia, Yoyo, and Aimee Chan.

Hate triangular relationships, but like the Yoyo-Alex-Tavia combination...can expect many laughs behind the scenes! :P

"A Great Way to Care" Episode 20


  1. maybe either tavia or yoyo is playing kate's role as monkey?

  2. ....monkey?? what are you talking about??

    Anyway, looking forward to this series!! Supporting Tavia :)

  3. Monkey was the nickname of Kate´s role...

  4. why raymond wong isnt taking part of the sequel??? does any1 know?

    1. Raymond will be taking a month+ break after "Love Exceeds the Coastline".

  5. They'd probably kill off monkey. No need to replace that role with either actresses. That's how American series would do - kill off character.
    Yeah, Tavia+YoYo and Alex are pretty close - especially Tavia and Yoyo- there'd be fun!!!! Support!

  6. No break for Tavia? She's been filming non-stop!

    "Yoyo-Alex-Tavia combination"

    Yay! I'm excited that these three will worked together again! They are so funny when they bumps heads!

  7. I really liked Kate as Monkey! She's good at playing cops! I'm curious on who is going to play the roles of the cop, the forensic psychiatrist, and lawyer. :)

  8. maybe tavia as the forensic psychiatrist/cop, yoyo as lawyer... i want to see them in fresh roles!

  9. Most likely Alex will end up with Tavia and Yoyo with no one. I hate love triangle.

  10. This series wouldnt work with kate as it didnt follow up what happened to her. Maybe she would be a guest star in this series.
    AGWTC is basically changing all the female characters. If tavia plays a character with mental problems, i'll kill myself because thats the same with kate! Its appauling that TVB decided to recrew the female leads instead of keeping the ones that ate originally in the first series (eg. Kate, vivian)