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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Ron Ng and Kate Tsui Filming Flying Car Scene for "Forensic Heroes III"


"Scoop" Clip


Filming Flying Car Scene for New Series: Kate Tsui Lucky to Have Help of Doll as Body Double

Ron Ng: "Very dangerous for us to film these racing...flying car scenes".

Interviewer: "Then the one sitting next to you would be...."

Ron Ng: "Who? She is not afraid. She has a safety belt".

Interviewer: "Is it actually dangerous?"

Kate Tsui: "It's okay. There was no problem when Ron was driving before. Quite good. When I was sitting inside, it was very safe".

Ron Ng: "Not at the end yet, so not afraid. Probably more afraid at the end".

Kate Tsui: "Really?"

Ron Ng: "Your body double's probably afraid".

Kate Tsui: "The body double's afraid".

Interviewer: "Oh! You have a body double!"

Kate Tsui: "Yes, have a body double today. I...."

Ron Ng: "Like two sisters...."

Interviewer: "How is it like two sisters?"

Kate Tsui: "Quite similar, I think. Quite similar".

Ron Ng: "Quite similar...hairstyle".

Interviewer: "Are there two brothers today?"

Kate Tsui: "Yes! It's Fu Jai!"

Ron Ng: "Fu Jai, right? That artiste and the...."

Kate Tsui: "Special effects team".

Ron Ng: "Special effects team".

Safety First when Filming Series: Ron Ng Lucky to Have Not Been Injured from Filming Series Yet

Interviewer: "Do you need to have a face full of bloody makeup now?"

Kate Tsui: "Doesn't seem that [we] need to...."

Ron Ng: "Don't need to because ours is an idol series! Ours is an idol series, so how could there be blood stains on the faces?"

Interviewer: "Would it be considered dangerous this time? When filming series in the past, do you think that you filmed some very dangerous scenes?"

Ron Ng: "Yes, there were car collisions, such that they really collided. Really filming the collision, such that the left side.... Yes, really colliding. Actually, no longer needed those two cars, so they let me randomly collide...."

Interviewer: "However, need the person...."

Ron Ng: "They were watching us do the collision. They had a few machines filming the wide shots and the tight shots of me, so they would see me doing the collision. Those would be more dangerous. For today's collisions, body doubles dealt with them".

Interviewer: "Have you ever been injured because of this?"

Ron Ng: "No! We...."

Kate Tsui: "It's safety first when filming. Realistic but safe".

Said to Have High Fee when Filming Series in Mainland: Ron Ng Satisfied with Salary

Ron Ng: "I don't know about others' fees. Contentment is enough".

Reporter: "How about you announce your fee?"

Ron Ng: "I don't know. Perhaps filming...."

Reporter: "You don't even know your own fee?!"

Ron Ng: "I don't have a great understanding of it. It's very unstable...."

Reporter: "No, your fee was written out".

Ron Ng: "Those are not necessarily accurate".

Reporter: "Thirty or forty thousand per episode, right?"

Ron Ng: "There's that much? Considered good. First place? No.... First place is not me".

Reporter: "First place is Raymond [Lam]".

Ron Ng: "I don't know. I saw the magazines, and it also seems to be Raymond".

Personal Note: Almost four months to complete the filming of "Forensic Heroes III"....


  1. Ron and Kate were so cute in this clip. Hope they will be a real couple :)

  2. Ron and Kate always look cute together, especially at interview :) - perfect couple
    thanks for translating :)

  3. such a cute couple. Ron n Kate should be together in real life <3