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Friday, May 6, 2011

《樂府藏龍》 "Yue Fu's Hidden Dragon" Costume Fitting Pictures


"Extra" Clip

TVB8 Clip


Weibo Pictures

- 30 episodes long.
- This ancient comedy will revolve around Tang Dynasty dancers.
- Bobby Au Yeung will play Tai Ming Poot (戴名鈸), a musician who is similar to Mozart. He was originally the foreman of an acrobatic class. He later becomes a phony government official, as he overtakes Evergreen Mak's position and becomes the foreman of a music bureau. He will have a romantic storyline with Linda Chung and Myolie Wu.
- Myolie will play Li Joi San (利在山), a dancing girl. When she initially appears, she is a tomboy; however, her female identity is later uncovered by Linda. She is a fallen princess. Her mother was a palace maid who excelled in dance. Although she did not study dance when she was young, she has a lot of natural talent. Her mother hopes that she is able to use dance to reunite with her biological father.
- Linda will play Bin Yuk Yin (卞玉嫣), the chief dancing girl who excels in dance. She is ambitious, very confident, and rather arrogant. She comes from a family of generals, as her father was the Grand General of the Flying Cavalry. She and Myolie will go from being good friends to enemies, and then become good sisters.
- Evergreen Mak will play Kiu Bo Lung (喬步龍), a refined musician. He is the ancient version of Mozart, so he has an understanding of every instrument.
- There will be a love square among Linda, Myolie, Bobby, and Evergreen.
- Sire Ma will play Kuk Yuen Yuen (曲圓圓), a very pure and dependent girl who likes to dance. She is very dependent on her elder sister.
- Yoyo Chen will play Kuk Wan Wan (曲彎彎), Sire's strong and independent elder sister who also likes to dance. She is a girl who does whatever she wants to do, and she takes care of her sister. Later, there is some conflict between the sisters that causes them to turn against each other.
- Angela Tong will play Chu Lam Mui, a strict dance director. She is Bobby's subordinate.
- Oscar Leung will play Bin Yuk Long, Linda's elder brother who is rather laid-back. He likes to dance. He is Yoyo's boyfriend.
- William Chak will play Ngo Suet Chung (敖雪松), a fashion designer and the dancers' image consultant. His family consists only of females, so he has a desire for beautiful things.
- Grace Wong will play a rather happy girl who likes to dance and has a great appetite.
- KK Cheung will play Eunuch Ying (刑公公) who likes to collect embroidery shoes. He is the music bureau's supervisor. He is the emperor's music teacher and a favourite of the Empress Dowager. He will also plot with the empress. He appears to be a good person, but he is actually a villain.
- Jess Sum will play a dance director who is very villainous. Her trump card is JJ Jia.
- JJ will play Lau Cheuk Law (柳灼蘿), a very bad person who harms Linda, deceives William in romantic affairs, and steals Sire's boyfriend (played by William). She and her master (played by Jess) will harm people together. She excels in dance. Since Linda is her competitor in dance, she always thinks of ways to beat her. She likes William; however, she ends up using him for fame and fortune.
- Stephen Wong will play an inventor.
- Kwok Fung will play the father of Bobby, Grace, Stephen, and Kelvin Leung.
- Rosanne Lui will play Myolie's mother.
- Ha Ping will play a character with Alzheimer's disease.
- Ching Ho Wai will play a jealous empress. When she discovers a palace maid's relationship with the emperor, she sends KK to help her assassinate her.
- Mannor Chan will play Bobby's subordinate who takes care of everything in the music bureau.

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Blessing Ceremony @ TVBE Clip

Blessing Ceremony @ TVB8 Clip

Visit @ TVBE Clip (070411)

Visit @ TVB8 Clip (071311)

Visit @ TVBE Clip (073011)

Visit @ TVBE Clip (081211)

Visit @ TVBE Clip (082211)

Visit @ TVBE Clip (082411)

FYI: The Chinese title of this series has been changed to 《耀舞長安》 (literally translated as "The Dazzling Dance of Chang'an"). The official English title is "House of Harmony and Vengeance".

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Personal Note: Bobby seems to be thinner now, and he looks quite young. :)

He he.... William's scarf.... :p

Not a fan of the heavy makeup....

Oscar and Linda also played siblings in "Dwelling Choice of Men and Women", which was also produced by Nelson Cheung.

Also, noticed the recycled costumes, especially Myolie's outfit, as the outer layer is Selena's from "Can't Buy Me Love", and the inner layer is Tavia's from "Beyond the Realm of Conscience".

*Credits to www.myoliewu.org, the-sun, headlinedaily, wenweipo, and Weibo


  1. That's William Chak, right? He looks much better in costume!

  2. What does it mean by 'fallen princess'?

    Reading that this series is about dancing, would have loved to see Nancy Wu in it. I remembered Myolie's dancing is pretty decent but not as good as Nancy Wu. Very skeptical about Linda's dancing ability though.

    I think the best dancers among TVB female artistes are Nancy and Kate. Fala is not bad too.

  3. To scarlee:

    Don't think William Chak looked much different; however, his ancient costume seemed a little too modern. They should get rid of that scarf.

    To Anonymous:

    A 'fallen princess' is no longer in favourable circumstances (just like Myolie's character Geung Geung in "The Rippling Blossom").

    Nancy is one of best dancers in TVB (along with Kate, Bernice, and Grace). Since she specializes in Chinese dance, it definitely would have been nice to see her in here.

    Myolie and Linda both do not have any dancing background. Myolie has improved in dancing, especially since she took part in "Strictly Come Dancing"; however, she is still not good, and shouldn't even be compared to Nancy.

    For a person who has training in dance, Fala is not good. She is only flexible. Her moves are not very sharp.

    For those who do not have a dance background, Selena is quite good.

  4. Yes. I recognized Selena's CBML costume too. :)

    Somehow, Grace always look ridiculous in ancient hairstyles (Relic, Thunder and now this series).

    However I think she doesn't look too bad in an ancient "ping man" look, in one of the scenes in Relic.

  5. I wish Nancy was in it too :(

  6. To hyn5:

    Despite Bernice being labelled as good dancer all the time, I think she is not that good especially considering she has background in dancing. I think Fala is a better dancer in Bernice. At least in Steps, Bernice appeared as the weakest dancer among the three (Bernice, Fala, Kate) despite the plot referring to her as the best dancer. I wouldn't put Bernice in the same league with Kate and Nancy, so is Fala.

    It's a pity that TVB doesn't take this chance to promote Nancy to a leading status.

    In what series did Selena dance?

  7. To Anonymous:

    Overall, Bernice is a much better dancer than Fala, and this has been seen in many live performance events (which is different from series in which there can be retakes). Bernice excels in ballet, jazz, and tap. "Steps" is focused on ballroom dancing, which is a genre that Bernice does not have experience in. Fala is also not good in ballroom dancing, which makes sense since she only has training in Chinese dance. Kate actually does ballroom better than Bernice and Fala; however, Kate danced the least in "Steps".

    Kate is the most well-rounded dancer, such that she can handle many different genres well.

    Although Nancy only has a background in Chinese dance, she can do ballroom and Latin dances quite well. Nancy's hip-hop is not as strong, although she has shown improvement.

    Selena hasn't had an opportunity to show off her dancing in series; however, she has performed many different genres of dance at various events.

  8. To hyn5:

    I think there is so much training can get you to, but after that, talents are what separate the dancing skill.

    Bernice does not have the 'feeling' or 'power' in her dancing to lead the mood of audience (at least in Steps). Even though I am not a Kate fan, she did best there. Her last dance with Matthew was well done, so as her other dancing scenes. Fala's movement may be the least refined but she brings emotion in her dance. On the other hand, Bernice lacks emotion in her dance. I believe dancing is a kind of art, where emotion and the ability to affect people's emotion is an important measurement.

    I reckon Kate and Nancy are most talented (among TVB artistes) in that respect.

    Did Selena take part in that Dancing show that Nancy got famous for? If yes, which episode?

  9. was wondering why kate/nancy/bernice/fala wasn't not in this series...its would be more convincing for them to take these roles. they just have to refresh/reinforce their dance rather than Linda that has zero info on dance :( disappointed

  10. To Anonymous:

    Wouldn't refer to it as "talents", rather, an ability to connect with the audience.

    Perhaps you should check out Bernice's other dance performances (rather than just making a judgment based on the ballroom dancing that she performed in "Steps).

    Bernice is a good technician when she does what she does best, but she doesn't always emote well. Also do not find Fala to be strong in the emotive aspect, so don't consider her a better dancer than Bernice in this respect as well.

    Kate and Nancy are not only strong technically, but are also able to make a connection with the audience, so especially enjoy watching them dance.

    Selena did not participate in "Strictly Come Dancing". She has showcased her dancing ability in a number of dance performances at functions and in a variety of programmes.

    To witnap:

    The majority of whom you mentioned is preoccupied with other series, so that could be a reason why they were not cast in this series.

    Perhaps it would be better to look at it this way: it will definitely be refreshing to see Myolie and Linda take on these dancing roles.

  11. I really like the cast. Very refreshing to see a different group of people working together. Most of them are credible actors as well. Can't wait to see this! :D

  12. To anonymous:

    Selena was part of the group for “街頭熱啡雨中舞” (Hot Coffee Street Dance in the Rain) dance performance in TVB Anniversary Gala 2008. Other dancers in that performance include Liza, Kate, Nancy, Grace, Fala, Vivien, Michael Tse, Ron, etc.
    She performed part of this dance in a Moon Festival function last year (in September) too.

    Another notable performance is (Diamond Fund-raising Beauties) in Tung Wah Charity Show 2008. Other dancers in that performance include Nancy, Angela, Grace, Sire, Vivi.
    With this performance they raised the most money that night. She was sick that day when she performed it.

    TVB is going to held a charity show soon, which is The Community Chest Charity Show on May 21st. But because she's filming The Boxing King at the same time, so she has no time to rehearse. That's why her dance part is limited, but you can still watch to see how she dances.

  13. Main reason for anticipating this series is BOBBY!