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Saturday, May 21, 2011

StarHub TVB Awards 2011 Nominations


My Favourite TVB Actor
Wayne Lai
Moses Chan
Raymond Lam
Bosco Wong
Kevin Cheng
Ron Ng
Raymond Wong
Kenneth Ma
Steven Ma
Bowie Lam

My Favourite TVB Actress
Charmaine Sheh
Sheren Tang
Tavia Yeung
Linda Chung
Myolie Wu
Susanna Kwan
Fala Chen
Kate Tsui
Louis Lee
Maggie Cheung

My Favourite TVB Male TV Character
Wayne Lai ("No Regrets")
Evergreen Mak ("No Regrets")
Raymond Lam ("The Mysteries of Love")
Moses Chan ("Can't Buy Me Love")
Raymond Wong ("Can't Buy Me Love")
Kevin Cheng ("A Fistful of Stances")
Kenneth Ma ("A Fistful of Stances")
Bosco Wong ("Growing Through Life")
Bowie Lam ("Sisters of Pearl")
Julian Cheung ("The Rippling Blossom")
Michael Tse ("The Rippling Blossom")
Steven Ma ("Ghost Writer")

My Favourite TVB Female TV Character
Charmaine Sheh ("Can't Buy Me Love")
Susanna Kwan ("Can't Buy Me Love")
Tavia Yeung ("The Mysteries of Love")
Linda Chung ("Ghost Writer")
Natalie Tong ("A Fistful of Stances")
Sheren Tang ("No Regrets")
Fala Chen ("No Regrets")
Myolie Wu ("The Rippling Blossom")
Kate Tsui ("When Lanes Merge")
Nancy Wu ("Gun Metal Grey")
Louise Lee ("Only You")
Joyce Tang ("Beauty Knows No Pain")

My Favourite Onscreen Couple
Wayne Lai & Sheren Tang ("No Regrets")
Raymond Lam & Tavia Yeung ("The Mysteries of Love")
Moses Chan & Charmaine Sheh ("Can't Buy Me Love")
Linda Chung & Raymond Wong ("Can't Buy Me Love")
Kenneth Ma & Fala Chen ("Can't Buy Me Love")
Julian Cheung & Myolie Wu ("The Rippling Blossom")
Kevin Cheng & Yoyo Mung ("Only You")
Kate Tsui & Raymond Wong ("When Lanes Merge")
Linda Chung & Steven Ma ("Ghost Writer")
Michael Miu & Jessica Hsuan ("Gun Metal Grey")

My Favourite TVB Drama
"A Fistful of Stances"
"The Mysteries of Love"
"Ghost Writer"
"Can't Buy Me Love"
"Every Move You Make"
"No Regrets"
"Gun Metal Grey"
"Sisters of Pearl"
"The Rippling Blossom"
"Only You"

My Favourite TVB Theme Song
"The Mysteries of Love"
"Growing Through Life" (End Credits Theme Song)
"Can't Buy Me Love"
"Gun Metal Grey"
"Seven Days in Life"
"No Regrets"
"No Regrets" (End Credits Theme Song)
"A Fistful of Stances"
"The Rippling Blossom"
"When Lanes Merge"

My Favourite TVB Mega Variety Specials
"TVB 43rd Anniversary Gala"
"TV Awards Presentation 2010"
"Miss Hong Kong Pageant 2010"
"Mr. Hong Kong Contest 2010"
"International Chinese New Talent Singing Championship 2010"
"Mandarin MOD Best 10 Awards Presentation 2009/2010"
"Miss Chinese International Pageant 2010"
"J.S.G. Best 10 Awards Presentation 2010"
"The Voice 'Thank You' Concert"
"Liza and Gods Heaven's Not Enough Concert"

My Favourite TVB Variety
"The Voice 2"
"Fun with Liza and Gods"
"Super Trio Game Master"
"Big Four Up"
"HK ARTchitecture"
"So Good"
"Admiral's Feast"
"Club Venus"
"Lady First"
"Super Taste"

*Credits to starhub

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