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Saturday, April 30, 2011

"Book of Words" Finale

Fala Chen/Kenneth Ma, Maggie Cheung/Dexter Yeung, and Paul Tse/Shek Sau were the finalists who competed for the title of 'Correct Word King' (although Shek Sau's original partner was Elliot Yue).

Enjoyed Ma Ming and Fala's chemistry here, especially when he said, "Fala said that she would give me a kiss if we win".

When Ma Ming and Fala were asked to perform the action "blindly follow others such that when one walks slowly, the other walks slowly, and when one walks quickly, the other walks quickly" (亦步亦趨), Ma Ming said that Fala frequently plays characters who are blindly followed by others, while he frequently portrays characters who blindly follow others.

Funny seeing Paul and Shek Sau perform the action "making eyes at each other" (互送秋波)!

Also funny when Ma Ming said that he's representing "Oxford", as he is a graduate of 「牛頭角官立津貼小學」, which has the shortened name 「牛津」!

Paul and Shek Sau were declared the second runners-up.

After Steven asked the contestants if they understood the meaning of "absence of mind" (心不在焉), Ma Ming immediately responded, "I am competing right now, but my heart is with Fala". Such a witty response! However, Steven then said that Ma Ming is all talk and no action!

Quite funny seeing Fala struggle with her line "fail through lack of a final effort" (功虧一簣) from "Can't Buy Me Love"....

After Ma Ming correctly answered, "No power shall suppress my pride" (威武不能屈), Steven said that he has known Ma Ming for a long time, but never realized he was so smart.

Like how there was a question regarding the Three Kingdoms.... Since Ma Ming has been filming "Back to the Three Kingdoms", he was able to correctly come up with Zhang Fei as the character in 《三國演義》 who has a spear-like weapon with a snake-shaped tip (丈八蛇矛).

Very interesting how the composition of the surnames 潘 (有水有田方有米) and 何 (添人添口便添丁) can be broken down into perceivable parts!

Can't believe Fala was unable to correctly answer "wife's elder brother" (內兄)....

Funny how there was an uproar of laughter after Ma Ming gave the answer "toilet" (茅廁)....

Surprised that Ma Ming was able to recite the lines from Li Bai's 《將進酒》 so fluently!

After Maggie and Dexter were declared the runners-up, and Fala and Ma Ming were declared the winners, like how Maggie said that she was just sitting there the entire time, watching Ma Ming answer!

When Ma Ming asked for help in writing the Chinese character 鬱, funny of Maggie to say that she wrote the character as big as a mahjong tile! Also like how Maggie said "Chotto Matte"!

In the end, Ma Ming won the most cash with $57,000. Fala won $30,000, while Maggie won $3,000.

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