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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

TVB Intends to Film Sequel with Original Cast: Joe Ma Hopes to Ride on Clouds Again


Although Joe Ma's contract expires at the end of the year, he still wants to take part in the sequel of "Triumph in the Skies".

Back then, "Triumph in the Skies" successfully promoted Ron Ng, Bosco Wong, Michelle Ye, Sammul Chan, Kenneth Ma, etc.

Back then, Joe Ma, Francis Ng, and Patrick Dunn portrayed cool pilots in "Triumph in the Skies".

TVB's old 2003 production "Triumph in the Skies", carried by Francis Ng, Joe Ma, Flora Chan, etc., was extremely popular back then, and it also successfully promoted Ron Ng, Sammul Chan, Bosco Wong, and Kenneth Ma, who were just starting out at the time. TVB intends to rehash the same story, as a sequel with the original cast has been arranged to film at the end of the year. Joe expressed that he hopes to take part.

TVB's 2003 series "Triumph in the Skies" had fa dan Flora Chan and siu sang Joe Ma, successfully promoted Ron Ng, Sammul Chan, Bosco Wong, and Kenneth Ma to become S4, and also did location filming in Australia, Rome, etc.--an extreme investment. The series was extremely popular, and it also received support from the audience when it re-aired earlier. After seeing this, TVB has had the intentions to film a sequel with the original cast.

Yesterday, TVB's Director of Production (Series Production) Tommy Leung said over the phone, "The company has plans to film a sequel at the end of the year, and the movie version next year. Current popular television series will be in consideration to film movie versions to promote managed artistes to become movie stars".

Many Artistes Have Already Left the Company

Many artistes who had carried "Triumph" have already left TVB. After giving birth, Flora's focus on her career has greatly decreased. As for Michelle Ye, she changed her focus to the big screen. The chances of Francis, who had the most screen time and played a pilot, returning to film series are not great. Even Joe is on the verge of leaving the company. It is believed that only siu sangs Ron, Bosco, Kenneth, etc. will be left.

As for Joe's contract expiring soon, Tommy said, "Based on principles, I do want to use the original cast, as well as add some newcomers. If this series was not willing to use newcomers in the first place, there would be no S4!" He said that there are plans for the sequel to do location filming in Europe, Japan, and Mainland. The story will still revolve around pilots; thus, there needs to be a lot of location filming in order for it to be realistic. The script is already in the works. Will wait until the script is finished before selecting actors. Tommy believes that some heavyweight outsiders must be added in order to have a refreshing feeling.

"There Are Many Formats of Collaboration"

Joe, who is in Mainland filming "Legend", revealed that he has heard about TVB filming the sequel of "Triumph". Although [his] contract expires at the end of year, Joe directly said that he still hopes to take part in the sequel. Yesterday, he said over the phone, "There are many formats of collaboration, so I'm not worried. It would be best if there was an opportunity to film the movie version. Very labourious to film series...there would be another platform to show the results of one's hard work". Back then, Joe gained fame from the character Vincent in "Triumph". Joe directly said that he likes the character; however, it was already explained in the storyline that his character had died. If it were to film again, it would be very difficult for the character to come back to life. He said, "We can't come up with anything to make it work, so leave it up to the scriptwriters". As for the condition of contract renewal with TVB, he said that it is progressing well, but there is no confirmed answer yet.

FYI: The role of Issac was originally intended for either Daniel Wu or Stephen Fung; however, it didn't work out. Then, TVB wanted to have Raymond Lam take over the role, but he was already filming "Blade Heart" at the time. Ron was eventually cast after producer Poon Ka Tak recommended him to Tommy Leung.

Personal Note: According to The Sun, Bosco, Ma Ming, and Ron are said to take part in the sequel, while Raymond may take over for Sammul, thus becoming the new S4.

*Credits to appledaily


  1. I hope Myolie is in this! She was one of my favorite part of the series!

    I wonder if it's going to be a real sequel that takes place years later, or if they're going to basically use the same concept with the same actors.

  2. I think Myolie and Nancy will most probably be in the sequel since they're attending the press conference in mid-may :) I prefer TVB to use back the original cast in their sequel and by adding a few new characters is fine with me but not change the whole entire cast like FH3!

  3. Hope Kate Tsui and Chi Lam in this series too.It's good to see them together in a series(Raymond Lam and Chi Lam) which doesn't happen before.

  4. I think if they're thinking of replacing Michelle female pilot role then Kate would be a very perfect decision =P ChiLam and Alex Fong would be a great male leads for Triumph in the Skies! I hope really hope Ruco Chan can take part he'd make a handsome pilot! Maybe even Raymond Wong too!

  5. To Anonymous:

    Myolie and Nancy will be attending the mid-May press conference to promote the movie and another series; it doesn't necessarily mean that they will be in the sequel.

    To sport3888:

    I would also like to see Ruco in a pilot uniform; however, he rarely films Tommy series.

  6. oh that's right Ruco's on Catherine's side...=( aww that too bad I'd love to see him in a pilot uniform he has the look for it. I guess if that's the case then the chance of Tommy replacing Sammul with Raymond Lam is evening higher since he's on Tommy's side.

    Though this also makes me question Bosco's role if he does return since he's on Catherine's side and might not be treated as well.

  7. The sequel of "Triumph" would not be the same without S4! Bring at least two of them back!