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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Ron Ng Wants to Get Married



Ron Ng, who has many rumours, gives off the image of a handsome player. Recently, he has been rumoured with Sire Ma and Kate Tsui. Ron feels helpless: "[My] first criterion for choosing a partner is that she must understand me. Although Kate is a good friend, but is not the type that I like. As for Sire, absolutely not familiar with her--not considered friends, and absolutely no possibility for development". Actually, Ron absolutely does not trifle with relationships. He, who has always longed to date and to get married, frankly said that, since entering the industry, [he] would occasionally meet some desirable partners. However, the scrutiny of the media pressure and psychological hurdles have caused him to dare not to start a pursuit. "Bothered with many rumours, which has caused me to be afraid of going out with friends of the opposite sex. Have not dated for many years, so also very envious that others are paired up. When will I be able to go out while holding a girl's hand and announce marriage without being smeared by the media?"

Personal Note: Ron has taken legal action against Next Magazine for making accusations that has been cohabiting with Sire and using her money, as well as cheating on her with Kate.

Support Ron for taking legal action, and hope that he finds his Miss Right soon!

*Credits to mingpao and tvbchannel


  1. Always support Ron !

  2. Support Ron's action. As a TVB siu samg, i'm sure he has the ability to support himself and won't need to depend on women. Moreover i think Kate & Sire's salaries should be lesser than him. Really felt that the reports were overboard. Hope he's able to find his desired partner soon! :)

  3. Always support Ron! He's surely not someone who will cheat and use a girl's money and his income is high as one of top siu sang. Ron is brave and strong to take action against the stupid magazine and get the right justice. Other artist are normally not brave enough. Yes support him :)

  4. Does anyone have any idea of what type of girls ron is into?

  5. Absolutely do not believe the reports! The only report about "Tor Hai Fan" I remember is the one pointed toward Bosco a long time ago.

  6. Support Ron Ng 1314. Love you RON!!!