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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Bernice Liu on "Say What?"

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

In this talk show, hosted by Eric Kot, a group of artistes are invited to chat about a certain topic. In this episode of "Say What?", Hanjin, Sammy Leung, Bernice Liu, Tracy Ip, and Florence Kwok discussed whether one who does not incur jealousy in others is a mediocre individual.

Approximately 15 minutes into the clip, Bernice was explaining the reason she took part in pageants, which was to learn Chinese, and during this segment, she used some terms which were not understood by the other artistes.

Bernice was born and raised in Prince Rupert, British Columbia, which consists mainly of Caucasians and Chinese people born in an English-speaking foreign country. She referred to herself as a 「土人」 (literally 'native person'); however, the actual term should be 「土生」 (literally 'native born').

Bernice then mentioned a derogatory term (sounding like 「燕淺」) which refers to Aboriginals. Since Aboriginals understand the term 「燕淺」 and consider it to be offensive, it is not an appropriate term of reference. This term is actually from the Taishanese dialect. When Bernice mentioned this term, the other artistes mistook it as being 「現錢」 (literally 'cash').

Personal Note: This episode actually aired on May 15th, but didn't have the time to post it until now.

Anyway, I actually understood what Bernice was talking about, as I am Taishanese.


  1. Haha I'm Taishanese too but I've never heard of those terms (although I understood what she meant).

  2. Haha, my friend told me to watch this ep too b/c Bernice was hilarious in it! I'm Taishanese as well, so I understand the terms Bernice is using. Kind of hilarious how Bernice pted out during HKFAs that she knew exactly what Fat Gor was saying b/c she was Taishanese. Actually, I was wondering who are the other HK artists out there that are Taishanese? I know a lot of them are Chiu Chau & Shanghainese.

  3. To Lily:

    The term that sounds like 「燕淺」 is specifically Taishanese.

    To Michelle:

    Know that Tony Leung Chiu Wai, Maggie Cheung Ho Yee, Moses Chan, Flora Chan, Wong He, and Cutie Mui are Taishanese. There are a few more, but can't remember them on the top of my head.

  4. Wow, many Taishaese artites in Hong Kong!