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Saturday, May 28, 2011

"Wax and Wane" Promotional Clip 1

Ron Ng: "Entangled because both are actually linked together".

Roger Kwok: "For the sign, you want to split the inheritance!"

Roger Kwok: "Don't push my dad!"

Sunny Chan: "Thirty years of resentment will not be settled that easily".

Sunny Chan: "Okay to bother me, but bother my dad?!"

Sunny Chan: "Resentment from both sides will only continue to build up".

Roger Kwok: "Exchange the business for stocks?"

Ron Ng: "I don't want our relationship to be affected by other people".

Roger Kwok: "Is your surname Man or Yung?!"

Ron Ng: "Is there still a chance for a family to reunite?"

Narrator: "June 13th. 'Wax and Wane'".

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Personal Note: Not a fan of this genre, so not looking forward to this series. Only anticipating Ron's theme song! :D

Roger has been filming in Mainland, so he didn't film the promo clips.

*Credits to HKLOVE.org


  1. support Ron-Kate (RoKa) - the real couple!!!

  2. also not fond of this type of series, too dramatic! but then it has Sunny Chan a favorite actor of mine since young. From the promo the storyline doesn't look that bad even though this typical of family feud over money has been over done so many times ><"

  3. why does TVB always put Ron and Kate together? They're in every single series together!!! We need new pairings! its getting boring. FH3 they play a couple...

  4. Actually Ron and Kate play as couple just one time before in "The brink of law" ... The two newest series of them "Wax and Wane" and "FH3" have not been broadcasted yet, why you find them boring?
    They are "brothers" in real life, they have such chemistry I think. And definitely they are now completely different from themselves 5 years ago
    We'll see!

  5. I used to like this type of genre before they overdid it with predictable plots and badly written characters. I'm not keeping my hopes up on this one.

  6. I don't mind this genre because the cast are likeable. We get Roger, Ron and Sunny in a series! I used to hate Kate but she has improved in Relic so I don't mind her pairing with Ron anymore. She was bad before in Speech of Silence, Steps and Beauty of The Game but I like her role in Relic.

  7. To Selina:

    Your feelings toward Kate seem to be related to her roles rather than her acting, especially when you say that she was "bad" in those series, yet you "like her role in Relic".

    Actually found Kate to be quite natural in "Steps", and thought that she performed better than Bernice and Fala.

    Also, Kate has two roles in "Relic".

  8. Kate's acting is hard for me to watch. Emotions are expressed badly and her tone of voice...
    The character she portrayed here was constructed poorly, and TBH she brought out the worst in that character...