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Friday, May 6, 2011

Charmaine Sheh's Views on Her Five Successors



"After my departure, who will be the successor of number one sister? Wow! How can I dare to accept this? We are all equal! From what I can see, a popular fa dan most importantly must be able to be in ancient and in modern. There are a few who are very good. Tavia Yeung can be both good and evil, and can also be in ancient and in modern. Fala Chen has much affinity with the audience; she is already ahead. Although I never worked with Kate Tsui before, but know that that she is a very clever girl, and is also very diverse. Linda Chung is the humble beauty type...gives a positive feeling in every aspect, and also much affinity with the audience. Myolie Wu is extremely hardworking...continually upgrading herself and striving for change. He he...they all have their strengths. It's a tight race. I also want to know who will come out on top!"

Fala Chen has affinity with the audience...not difficult to become a 'sister-level fa dan'.

Tavia Yeung can be both good and evil, and can be in ancient and in modern. A rise in position is ahead.

Kate Tsui, Myolie Wu, and Linda Chung are also seen by Charmaine Sheh as successors.

Personal Note: Very modest of Charmaine to say that they are all equal, as it is evident that she is in a different league.

That's a bad picture of Myolie...didn't even know that it was her at first! o_O

*Credits to the-sun


  1. Charmaine is definitely the greatest TVB actress of her generation.

  2. Charmaine is 'greatest' because she is lucky. she came in almost during the end or peak of the 5 fadans (maggie, kenix, jessica, ada, flora).

    Charmaine's co-levels are wayy gone before her, some gave up, some went off to be mommys, some went to films (gigi lai, melissa ng, michelle yip) if not for there girls leaving, charmaine would have had to work harder to be her sister 1 level that she was 3+ months ago..

  3. agree with anonymous=)

  4. Yeap i agree. But nevertheless, charmaine's acting is great so i think it is not mainly cause she's lucky. She has ability too. Among the five, i think Fala Chen & Tavia Yeung stands out. Myolie Wu too, but in recent years i ain't impressed with her works with the exception of TRB.

  5. Oh my god! That picture of Myolie is ugly! The picture is from oriental right? I would've thought it was from apple!

    Anyways, Tavia is the one who fits Charmaine's description of a Fa Dan, as she is the only one who can be in ancient and be in modern. TVB can put other females in ancient but can they pull off ancient beauty and the ancient speech?

  6. Also, Charmaine has skills too! She didn't get to where she is now only based on luck.

  7. wahaha...charmaine is in different league? she is just as same as the others..it is just that she has more exposure and opportunities...compare her with tavia and tavia will blow her away as shown in beyond the realm

  8. I don't recognize Myolie too! I thought it was some auntie between Linda and Kate. Poor myolie.

    It's evident that Charmaine is being gracious to all 5 of them. She praised everyone.

  9. Agree, Charmaine didnt get to where she is today all based on her abilities nor luck. it's a combo of both, my take is LUCK played a more important role. as tvb definitly tried to shufff Charmaine down to every tv series they could to have audience like her...

    i think it's pretty clear TVB will not make another 'charmaine-like-sister-no#1' it's too expensive for them. WHy would they if they have another 5+ fadans/girls to rotate with. E.g Tavia, Linda, Fala, Kate, Selina, Nancy, (Sharon chan - she kind of got dropped out long ago)...

    in the coming years we'll just see more of all of these girls, it's just a matter of who races to the Top first. (e.g. winning Best actress first)

  10. Luck or not, she IS tvb #1 fadan for quite a while now. And definitely has the market value as compared to the younger generation.

    People just need to accept and move on.

    She is very gracious and humble in her reply.

  11. luck or not? seriously? it's like saying, dont care about how bill gates is/was the richest man of the world, dont care about why/how apple products, or dont care OSAMA or OBAMA (might as well, dont care 9/11? it happened???)

    it's just a discussion... chill... if you dont think Charmaine got to the top because of luck, then JUST dont accept it

  12. I would love Selena & Nancy to be in the list aa well. But i doubt they will take the First Fadan place. They both are very capable actresses but they have not gotten enough exposure. TVB only started promoting them this year. Bit they'll be taking the seats where Linda and the others use to take, the first line Fadan which I'm already very happy for them. I think in the next few years if theu continue to get promoted, they'll also be in the same league. Yay. :)

  13. Omg i just released i typed to many wrong words. Heehee

  14. @hyn5: Agree with your comment! That pic of Myolie looks like a "Si Lai"!