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Monday, May 16, 2011

"Ghetto Justice" Promotional Clip 3

Narrator: "Comes from the lower class, but can also be successful".

Myolie Wu: "If you want to deal with a big case, obviously must take the initiative".

Myolie Wu: "There will be a day when I am definitely able to walk up these stairs".

Narrator: "Willing to endure. Willing to learn. A housewife can also upgrade herself".

Joyce Tang: "I'm thinking of training myself to become a housewife legal assistant".

Kevin Cheng: "You wrote whatever I said. Really wasn't a challenge for you, housewife legal assistant".

Narrator: "Keep a ball of fire. Nothing will be a challenge for you".

Sharon Chan: "Actually, I returned this time because I want to save up some money, and then open a small French restaurant".

Narrator: "'Ghetto Justice'. May 30th. Try to make a good showing for you".

Personal Note: Joyce's character reminds me of Kenix's character in "Legal Entanglement". :P

*Credits to www.myoliewu.org

1 comment:

  1. Kevin and Joyce also collaborated in Placebo Cure. Hehe