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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Kenneth Ma and Tavia Yeung Called on to Carry Newcomers


Kenneth Ma and Tavia Yeung will film a new series with a group of newcomers, virtually taking on the responsibility of looking after newcomers.

This year, TVB is determined to promote newcomers to film series. Apart from the "Triumph in the Skies" sequel using newcomers, producer Poon Ka Tak's new series, "36 Hours on Call", which revolves around medical interns, will also have newcomers taking on prominent roles. This series has temporarily cast Kenneth Ma and Tavia Yeung in the leading roles.

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Personal Note: When my sister and I first heard about this series, she said that Ma Ming and Tavia would be in it, as their schedules fit, and their age range is suitable for the genre.

Apart from his guest-starring roles, Ma Ming hasn't taken part in a modern series since "The Mysteries of Love", so hope that the cast does not change!

At the costume fitting of "The Truth", Tavia said that she was able to indirectly fulfill her mother's wishes by portraying a cop, a teacher, and a lawyer, and that she had yet to take on a doctor role. With the series revolving around medical interns, it seems that she may be able to do so.

Big fan of "Grey's Anatomy", so looking forward to this series. :)

*Credits to appledaily


  1. OMG! More of my two favs. in the same series again?! Please keep MM and Tata!!!

  2. gahhh i really don't like kenneth, i don't know why, but i find him really annoying >< i also don't like the tavia/kenneth pairing...hahah too many dislikes in this but maybe my opinions will change if he's able to do a super great job at portraying his role

  3. I find Kenneth and Tavia similar in their outlooks and personality, even their acting road is pretty similar. Anyways, nice to see them pair up again, if it's true. :D

  4. my first thought was Grey's Anatomy as well!! I too love that show so hopefully this will not disappoint!! I lurveeee Kenneth & Tavia!!

  5. To Anonymous Kenneth is too good for Tavia. Kenneth should pair with good actress like Charmaine and Linda.

  6. To Jenny: Psh you saying kenneth is too good for tavia? How? i mean tavia won more awards than kenneth and is more popular than kenneth

  7. To Anonymous Charmaine and Linda have many more awards than Tavia and are more popular than her.

  8. To Anonymous, how can you not like Ma Ming?! He is good looking, a hard worker & an awesome actor!! What's not to love!!

  9. But that must be such a complement, for a producer to cast an actor to carry a series with lesser known actors.

  10. @ Jenny: just to be fair, Linda has won less than 8 acting awards throughout her career thus far, most are popularity awards.. Tavia has won more than 15 awards, most are recognized awards in hk/china but she has started to win popularity ones also.. Charmaine is needless to say, she has always been popular and recognized with numerous awards.. we shouldn't even be arguing who is better than who, you can never win.. and we shouldn't even drag Charmaine and Linda into it.. all these actresses are at different levels and styles of acting.. it's up to TVB and producers as to who they cast in their series, it's a waste of breath whinging about it!

  11. hahaha. My first thought was grey's anatomy too! I am looking forward to that! I don't really like Ma Ming at first too. But after watching AFOS, I really think he is good actor :) -Lynn

  12. I love them both! They've never been paired up before, so i'm also super excited for "Return to 3 Kingdoms"!

  13. Yay for Kenneth and Tavia's version of Grey's anatomy. This series look great for Kenneth.

    I hope Tavia can show her capability better this time in a leading role. She has been repeatedly overshadowed by others in her recent series.

  14. omg, how can u not like kenneth ma, he is gd looking, and he's a great actor, he's NOT a i think i'm all that kind of person. like kevin cheung called him CUTE,and just a big kid. dude, he still likes donald duck, which is so adorable!

  15. Donald duck? Kenneth is so adorable!

  16. yea, i'm serious, donald duck! he is just SO cute! His whole room is FULL of it, and his blanket on his bed is donald duck 2, and on the side of his bed, he has another 20 some of them, and they sleep with him every nite!!