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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Miss Koo Meets Kenneth Ma


Ka Nam, who moves to Macau, also starts a new life.

After 'Miss Koo' (Koo Ka Nam), played by Linda Chung, experiences being deceived in romantic affairs by 'Law Sir' Moses Chan, she lets go of everything in the finale, forgives 'Law Sir', wholeheartedly, leads K4 and the members of the bowling team, and wins the Hong Kong Inter-school Bowling Championships Team Competition. In terms of romance, she will meet Kenneth Ma, who makes a special guest appearance. Will there be any romantic development? Producer Lau Ka Ho expressed that it will gives viewers room for imagination.

Law Sir Returns to Mainland to Teach

As for the pair of 'Law Sir' and 'Miss Ho' Tavia Yeung, it is said that although 'Law Sir' solves a big case for the police force, he decides to give up his police work, goes to a Mainland primary school to teach, and meets 'Miss Ho' again by fate.

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Personal Note: Hope to see Ma Ming and Linda in a real modern collaboration soon! :)

*Credits to mingpao and tvbweekly


  1. Lol Ma Ming!! <3
    it's weird, haha I think Kenneth has already raised in ranking ... like if not 1st leads or co-leads, he's atleast 2nd lead.... he's definetely above the newcomers and I enjoy seeing him make these special appearances out of nowhere hahaha :) i think he was a guest in another drama too right??

    can't wait to see his appearance!!!

  2. To JingMui:

    His guest appearances that have yet to air are "The Truth" and "Special Duties Unit". :)

  3. Still waiting for a real Ma Ming + Linda pairing!! Always feel like TVB throws out some tantalizing possibilites of them in CBML and now here. But TVB really has to re-analyze their handling of spoilers and such, the ending to the series has been plastered everywhere, even revealed in their own magazine. But there's like only 2 possibilities, either Miss Koo is married to Kenneth and that's their daughter (some netizens have said it looks like she's pregnant). OR that it opens the possibility that Miss Koo is possibly starting a new relationship with a single father (Kenneth).

  4. Can't wait to see Kenneth too!! Omg Kenneth and Miss Koo look so cute as a pair!

  5. Kenneth would be a very cute single father for a leading series. They should write such a role for him where Kenneth and Linda are the leads! I remember Kenneth and Linda had an interview together and he said he wanted to pair up with her since she's really tall =P They already look like a match couple from this photo!

  6. OMG! MM and LinLin look cute! Like others, I am waiting for them to really pair up in a series!