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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Linda Chung "Call You When Not Busy" MV ft. Leanne Li & Grace Wong

得閒找你 - 鍾嘉欣

作曲: 鍾嘉欣
填詞: 陳少琪
編曲: 韋景雲
監製: 韋雄/莊冬昕

任放手 就放手吧 別談年後
同放手 無謂加偉大難受
寒冷天 自會短袖換回長袖

別要慰問 甚麼結果 我活承受
甚麼得閒通電話 別再裝長情好嗎
這種對白廉價 要動人嗎 太大話

甚麼得閒飲茶嗎 沒有愛怎可消化
分手再做朋友 這事情 我怕

預你好 在最初便絕無難度
難叫好 如電影變做前度

能友好 熱愛中又為何停步
換個角度 互相抱擁 有難度

*甚麼得閒通電話 別再裝長情好嗎
這種對白廉價 要動人嗎 太大話

甚麼得閒飲茶嗎 沒有愛怎可消化
這種態度潛意 會循漸惡化

Repeat *

相當結合時間 會自行 氧化

Personal Note: Linda personally invited Leanne and Grace to guest-star as dancers in this MV.

The song is not bad. This composition by Linda is quite catchy.

Don't like the choreography inspired by the style of Korean girl groups, as some of the moves are quite out-of-date.


  1. i actually quite like it! i guess the choreo is out of date, but the overall MV's pretty good imo

  2. I likr the song. :) But i don't really like Linda dancing. I think it doesn't fit her style. I prefer her sticking to filming MVs like 'Struggled' & 'Missing You Day And Night'. I feel that it's nicer. But in any case, good composition! :)

  3. yes I like the song but sorry to say that Linda cant dance

  4. Still don't like Linda's vocal or singing - so breathless and weak and..generic.

    And agree with others, Linda can't dance.

  5. Linda's MV reminds me of those girl group sort of MVs ... but back in the days... it's a fun MV i guess.

    I think Linda or whoever the video choregrapher/ producer was going for one those korean girl group type of MVs. I can't pinpoint which MV I'm thinking of though...

    Is this the TVB version or her music company version? I thought there were more scenes in the weibo pictures

  6. To JingMui:

    Linda did say that the choreography for this song takes on the style of Korean girl groups.

    This MV is the TVB version.

  7. haha feels like destiny's child to me

  8. Linda had already said that she is not
    good at dancing, so she shouldn't be judged like a

  9. this is not dancing; it's more like aerobic moves with mostly hand work than legs; unbelievable

    never liked Linda's singing and couldn't understand why till now; her voice is a lot like robotic digitizing; see 2:38 of song; the actual digitizing sounds better than her real voice; her singing is annoying after 2 songs of hearing it