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Thursday, May 26, 2011

《ATF反恐》 "ATF Counter-terrorism" Costume Fitting Pictures


"Scoop" Clip



Weibo Pictures

- 25 episodes long.
- The series will mainly revolve around psychological warfare.
- The series will be about how people get along with one another. At times, people will not trust one another, as suspicion exists at the innermost feelings for even the most intimate person.
- The series will be very humanizing and sentimental.
- Ron Ng will play Chong Yau Kit (莊有傑), a cop. In the first episode or two, he is a member of the Special Duties Unit (SDU). He later joins the Anti-Terrorist Force (ATF).
- Ron and Ruco Chan will play brothers. They will fight over Aimee Chan, and many misunderstandings will also lead to the deterioration of their brotherhood. Aimee is originally Ruco's girlfriend; however, in the middle of the series, Ron will think that Ruco has died. Ron later dates Aimee.
- Ruco will play Chong Yau Ching (莊有正), Ron's elder brother. He is initially an undercover cop, but he later receives recognition from Eddie Kwan and other ATF superiors, and thus joins the ATF. He is both good and evil.
- Aimee will play Jessica Chung Yat Ka (鍾日嘉), an Intelligence Analyst who is more quiet, introverted, and refined. She is humble and smart. She will be involved in a love triangle with Ron and Ruco.
- Yoyo Mung will play Yip Ting (葉婷), a reporter, but she is actually a spy with regard to the exchange of criminal intelligence. She will have a romantic storyline with Ruco.
- Ruco, Yoyo, and Aimee will be involved in a love-and-hate triangle.
- Louise Lee will play Tong Suk Fan (唐淑芬), a high-ranking administrator. She is the mother of Ron and Ruco.
- Eddie will play an ATF commander. There will be a lot of conflict between him and Ruco.
- Kenny Wong will play a Superintendent of the Operations Division of the ATF. He will have many scenes with Ruco and Eddie.
- Lee Kwok Lun will play a villain.
- Law Lok Lam will play Yoyo's father.
- Leanne Li will play an Intelligence Analyst. She is Aimee's subordinate.

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Blessing Ceremony @ TVBE Clip

Blessing Ceremony @ TVB8 Clip

FYI: The Chinese title of this series has been changed to 《叛逃》 (literally translated as "Deserter"). The official English title is "Ruse of Engagement".

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Personal Note: In HK, it should be the Counter Terrorism Response Unit (CTRU), so not sure why it is the Anti-Terrorist Force (ATF) in this series....

Happy that Ron will be playing a cop in which the profession is actually the focus of the series. :D

Glad that Ruco and Yoyo will be a pair. :) Since they are regulars in Amy Wong's series, expecting that their roles in here will be quite prominent. Although this is a male-oriented series, Yoyo's character seems quite interesting...looking forward to it! :D

Aimee's wig is so 囧! Why do the female leads in Amy Wong's series have to wear unflattering wigs?! Esther in "Burning Flame", Myolie in "Burning Flame III", Fala in "The Stew of Life"....

Enjoyed Ron and Yoyo's interactions during the interview; hope that they will have more interactions in the series even though they are not a pair. :P

*Credits to the-sun, headlinedaily, wenweipo, tungstar, tvb.com, and Weibo


  1. Agree, Aimee's wig is so bad. What is the weird obsession of wigs with Amy Wong? Why don't they just have Aimee grow out her hair instead? Though I agree she is one of the very very few actresses that pulls off the short hair very well.

    Like Yoyo's look! Looks like another good character for Yoyo, intriguing!

  2. Just remembered..didn't Aimee have long hair for Psychological Warfare?? And she looked good in it..Was that a wig too?

  3. Yoyo's image reminds me so much of role in Burning Flame 2 I guess it's the glasses they quite dorky doesn't really look like a reporter or spy.

    The relationship line is so similar to BF3's draggy love line that it makes me lose confidence in this series. The idea that they had to make Ruco somehow disappear just to allow Ron and Aimee to start dating is exactly like Wong Hei's coma to allow Myolie and Kevin together! Having both brother like the same girl is fine but why can't they resolve the problem normally?

    I'm hoping this series will only be 20/25 eps especially since Ruco will only disappear in the middle that means his relationship with Aimee and her struggle between the brothers will drag on for a long time! And I seriously hope not.

  4. Aren't the anti terrorism unit for hong kong called CTRU for Counter Terrorism Response Unit???
    I wonder why they have it as ATF (I think it stands for Anti Terrorism Force)

  5. The pairings in ATF are definitely refreshing, but it's sad to see Aimee leading over Yoyo (even if it's shared).

    I feel like Yoyo is just filming for the sake of it. TVB is not pairing her up with A-line actors anymore. =/

  6. To Michelle:

    Yes, Aimee wore a wig in "Psychological Warfare".

    To Kimmy:

    In HK, it should be the Counter Terrorism Response Unit (CTRU), so not sure why it is ATF in this series....

    To Tracy:

    TVB doesn't really have any A-list actors anymore....