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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Ada Choi Gives Birth to 9 lb., 4 oz. Baby: Heaviest Baby in Hospital



Ada Choi gave birth to a daughter. Originally, [she] wanted to experience the birthing process by having a natural birth; however, because the baby's weight reached 9 lb., 4 oz., in the end, she had a Caesarean section. Max Zhang, who was present during childbirth, said during an interview at the hospital, "Mother and daughter are both healthy. Baby girl is born! Ada was admitted into the hospital yesterday. Her expected delivery date was May 17th; previously, the magazines reported it incorrectly. I saw that her stomach was really big, so [we] went to the hospital to induce labour. Very coincidental that [our] baby girl was born on May 11th at 5:11pm, weighing at 9 lb., 4 oz., approximately 4.5 kg. Should be the hospital's heaviest baby". Max revealed that, when the nurse carried the baby girl to him, he was already teary-eyed. Ada also cried from happiness. When asked whom their daughter resembled, Max said, "Her lips resemble the father, while her hair resembles the mother, and she also has a widow's peak. (What did you name her?) Ada wanted to give her a single character, while I wanted the character 'Chu' because want [our] baby girl to clearly understand the truth about God. In the end, [we] named her 'Chu Er' (楚兒), while her English name is Zoe, which is the meaning of the life".

Nick Cheung: Baby Girl Looks Exactly Like Mother

Ada gave birth to a heavy baby girl. Nick Cheung went to the hospital to visit her. [He] expressed that they became friends from their collaboration in the TVB series "Secret of the Heart": "After visiting Ada, also saw the baby girl. Perhaps she is a newborn…the baby girl looks exactly like the mother. (Teach her about what you have learned from taking care of a daughter?) Talked about it when [we] saw each other previously. (What did you give?) Later.... Wait for her to leave the hospital first. We have known each other since collaborating in 'Secret'. We each have our own baby now!"

Personal Note: Really like the name 「張楚兒」! :)

*Credits to the-sun and Weibo


  1. awww so cute!!! wish them the best1! :D and such a cool coincidence, may 11th = 5/11 at 5:11pm hahah

  2. Such an awesome name! :D

  3. LOOOL 楚 is mine middle character in my name too!! Congrats to Ada and Max!

  4. Zoe is a big baby! Congrats to Ada and Max!