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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Sammul Chan Discusses His Peers @ Hunan TV Interview



Sammul Chan recently accepted an interview from Hunan TV while he was doing promotions for Mainland series "Mei Ren Xin Ji". Here is a translation of the part where his peers, Raymond Lam, Kenneth Ma, Bosco Wong, and Ron Ng, were mentioned.

Interviewer: "As viewers, we think that you, Raymond Lam, Kenneth Ma, Bosco Wong, and Ron Ng set a generation".

Sammul Chan: "Fortunately, I was able to make it into this last generation. Don't know why, but doesn't seem to be any afterward, right?"

Interviewer: "Afterward, there weren't any people who were able to take over".

Sammul Chan: "Fortunately, was able to catch the last train".

Interviewer: "Actually, the five of you...would you guys be considered to have a good relationship, considering that you work in the same company?"

Sammul Chan: "Quite good. Quite good because we all started from--how do you say--a very low status and struggled together".

Interviewer: "Before, when filming together, would think that.... There were rumours saying that this one is fighting with this one, and that that one is fighting with that one. Also, this one does not get along, and that one is fighting for screen time. Thus, some people would think that who and who are on one side, and who and who are on another side. Is this true? Also, I remember that, at the time of 'Mei Ren Xin Ji', Myolie Wu came to film it. Some reporters said that you were helping Bosco keep an eye on Myolie; however, reporters asked Bosco afterward, and he would say, 'No, it seems that he is not as familiar with me as he is with Myolie'".

Sammul Chan: "What does that mean?"

Interviewer: "That you are more familiar with his girlfriend, and that you are not that familiar with him".

Sammul Chan: "Yes, I am more familiar with Myolie because I filmed more series with her. Afterward, I didn't film with Bosco. Didn't film at all! I have always been filming with Ron! Then with Myolie....

Interviewer: "Occasionally with Raymond".

Sammul Chan: "Raymond. Yes, even in 'The Four', there was no Bosco! Yes, I haven't filmed with him for many years! Don't know why. Perhaps he dislikes me.... Ha ha! Just joking! Just joking!"

Interviewer: "Do the five of you actually have a good relationship or…?"

Sammul Chan: "Good, good".

Interviewer: "It's really good?"

Sammul Chan: "You think it's false?"

Interviewer: "Don't know about this!"

Sammul Chan: "What do you want to say?"

Interviewer: "Nothing. Just really wanted to ask".

Sammul Chan: "Not bad. Not...not good to the point that we would have dinner with each other every day or go shopping together, but for some things, we would send a message. For example, a birthday, the new year, etc. Occasionally, would also have dinner because many of the times, we would meet. For example, I filmed the most with Ron--would always meet...don't know why, so more familiar with him. As for Kenneth, also not bad. Raymond later sang...he doesn't film series as much, so don't see each other as much".

Interviewer: "Also films movies".

Sammul Chan: "Yes".

Interviewer: "Also, you and Ron even guest-starred in Michael Tse's movie together!"

Sammul Chan: "Yes, very sad! Don't want to see him!"

Personal Note: All mentioned except....

Also, funny how Sammul said that he doesn't want to see Ron.... :P


  1. I remember a few years ago, Sammul did this interview where he implied that one of these guys (Ron, Raymond, Kenneth, Bosco) backstabbed him? I don't remember the exact context but at the time, it seemed like it might be about Bosco?

    I also remember rumors about him and Myolie during the filming of a series where they both changed in the back of the van or something. LOL. Anyways, my theory is that he liked Myolie but then Bosco and Myolie became an item and this might be why Bosco and Sammul seem to not be friends?

  2. You wrote: "All mentioned except…." Who do you mean?

    From what he says, we can see that out of the other 4 guys, he's most familiar with Ron, as he filmed the most series with him together. And he's quite familiar with Kenneth too.

  3. Sammul and Bosco were in The Price of Greed. Their chemistry in TITS was good though.

    It sounded like Sammul was somewhat dodging the questions. I guess he didn't want to directly bash his costars.

  4. i remember hearing rumours that bosco had backstabbed him after filming triumph in the skies. it was one of the reasons that bosco was heavily promoted at the time and sammul was left with practically no promotions.

    sam and ron also mentioned before that they are pretty good friends. however, this is probably just because they filmed a lot of series together.

  5. Was your penultimate sentence really necessary?

  6. the interviewer is trying to get sammul into saying something that he thinks will affect other people. plus the interviewer is trying to twist something out from him. mean mean interviewer :P

  7. I know perfectly what you are saying.

    It's evident that Sammul is saying to audience that Bosco is a bad guy. He did said to the press once that one of the Olympic 6 did bad things to him and is a bad guy. He does look and behave like one with his wild appearance. After they filmed Price of Greed in end of 2005 they don't film together anymore.

    I also heard before that Sammul liked Myolie at one time but Myolie later ended up rumoured with Bosco so the rumour got lost.

  8. @Jie: Sammul is still being gracious and doesn't want to directly bash his costars. He's a man with manners but it's evident who the bad guy is from this interview and what hyn hinted.

  9. maybe i'm just slow or not up to date with all of this, but i'm confused with all of this, so sammul and bsoco have a..not so great relationship? and what does hyn mean by all were mentioned except? cause i can't think of anybody else that should be mentioned but wasn't..
    but i sort of disagree with how you guys said sammul was still trying to be polite about it, to me it seems like even though he never directly bashed out his costars, his way of answering those questions seemed to imply things or have a negative connotation to it...i don't know..

  10. All mentioned except... i think she meant chris lai since he was part of the olypmic 6

  11. Thanks for the translation. I've always liked Sammul, but I don't get to hear much about him as I would like. I definitely hope to hear/see more of him.
    It's true though, we're still not 100% certain since neither party has said anything directly, but from good observation and some evidence, it was probably Bosco. And getting stabbed in the back has got to be a horrible feeling.

    Out of the other guys, he def seems to be closest to Ron! Haha, as we can see from his joke near the end. Maybe there'll be more collaborations with them!

    I wish Sammul the best in the future and like I said, I hope to see more of him!

  12. So what's up with Bosco.

    What is the so-called "evidence"? Weren't Kenneth and Chris rumored as well?

  13. Wasn't everything Sammul's made up story? He wanted to have attention but he can't do anything good so he has to make up everything to gain attention and badmouth his peers. How ironic it will when Sammul comes back to TVB.

  14. not too familiar with who is the olympic 6, but chris lai did not film The Four. Sammuel did not mention Kenneth though, so is hyn's comment actually kenneth and not chris?

  15. Sammul did mention Kenneth if you read the article translated he said he gets along with Kenneth. I think HYN5 need to reply on who she was referring to. My guess is Chris Lai or Bosco. Yet I'm still not sure whether that backstabbing story is true or not cause Sammul never mention it during interviews it was just an article that a reporter wrote.
    Anonymous Olympic stars was just S4 + Raymond Lam+Chris Lai

  16. It seems to me that Sammul is still in good terms with TVB, despite the backlash in his previous interviews. I believe he said something about coming back to film for TVB if there's a nice offer.

    Besides, the timing of the interviews and the airing of "Relic" is just way too coincidental. If his contract with TVB ended about a year ago, Sammul could have done this interview back when "Scheme" was airing in different parts of China. But he chooses to do the interview now when "Relic" just started airing. It's wonderful timing and a wonderful promo tactic. Honestly, everyone's talking about him right now, and this is beneficial to "Relic".

  17. Hmmm.. now that I've actually watched the interview, I find it tacky that he talked about his female coworkers. He seems to be putting down Natalie and Selina for not being at the same level at him, and even though he wants to put down TVB, he shouldn't talk about his old coworkers like that.

  18. is there a link to watch the interview, i want to hear what he's really saying cause just by reading it i can't get the full picture of when's he's joking and when he's implying certain things hahah

  19. Here are the links to the two interviews in icable (cantonese) and Hunan tv (mandarin)

    Sammul talks about tvb around 20 mins into the Hunan interview.

    Hunan: http://www.tudou.com/programs/view/gsqDpczaM0k/

    youtube part1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G2PxT7fUZW8

    youtube part2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QhZZvVnH7Vg

  20. This is definitely good promotional tactics for Relic. Sammuel got a lot of publicity for the blast against TVB, yet it seems both are still on good terms. Hmm...

  21. hmm....sorry but i will like to know too...who's the "except.....".

  22. i doubt Sammul liked Myolie. some ppl imagine too much.

    Sammul is honest when asked, he revealed the only two he got along with and had good chats with were Bernice and Leila. one he even invited to celebrate his birthday together.

    myolie give me the feeling she's hard to like. even julian said myolie should slow down and chill because she tried to rush him and crew when they were eating. she is the type that wont be on level with Sammul.

    myolie was rumored giving ron a black face during filming of War and Destiny because he was chatting to other girls on set. when he came to speak to her, reporters witnessed she just walked off and ignored him. moody for no reason.

  23. I think Myolie is the "reserve" type.

    Sammul and Leila do seem compatible on-screen and off-screen. Surprised he got along with Bernice since both only collaborated in one series together.

  24. @hyn5: I agree with you! Ying gai shi Huang, bu xu yao dou shuo la![wink]