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Friday, April 15, 2011

"Relic of an Emissary" Sub Song MV

"I Wait for You" - Michael Tse & Kate Tsui

我等你 《洪武三十二》 片尾曲 - 謝天華/徐子珊

作曲: 鄧智偉/葉肇中
填詞: 張美賢

徐: 不經意地 像一早約定時與地
經過萬迴千轉 讓愛儲起
謝: 聲音氣味 容我在身邊找到你
未怕終於忘記 信千年遨翔萬里 亦會想得起

*徐: 其實與你分離 完全為等再遇你
謝: 挨過分開滋味 我們才懂珍惜再可一起
合: 緣分縱有分離 回來吧我等你
徐: 千種細膩 謝: 萬分的好奇
合: 感覺像奇跡 這樣美

徐: 一種信念 在分開以後才兌現
跟你漫行兜轉 越過變遷
謝: 一種紀念 從歲月當中不改變
兩對手牽著線 最艱難時辰共勉 便愛多一點

Repeat *

Personal Note: Kate recorded the song when she was sick.


  1. no wonder, I felt Kate's voice wasn't as clear as Michael's. I really like this subsong their voices match very well and both are able to convey the emotions of not able to be together =) I like how this song doesn't have that ancient feel.
    Also TVB really made a good choice of pairing Kate with Michael, make a great onscreen couple both can pull off the good+bad character well

  2. Agreed with above. This is a very nice song! Thanks for posting it!

  3. kate looks so pretty!!!!
    I like listening to kate singing slow songs more than her upbeat songs (i.e hit me lol)

    her and michael's voice matchy pretty well~! but then again this might be TVB's synching skills.... i hope they since this live..would love to hear if they really sound relatively as good.
    This song is really nice --- it's very "head swaying" feel. reminds me of tvb's old tvb ancient drama themesongs, i think it's cause the notes are dragged on a bit longer ...haha or maybe i am bias hahahaha~

    i haven't seen relic yet but glad to know they are main then? :)

  4. I am a super fan of Kate, but she should not sing. Thankfully, she knows that. [wink]