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Sunday, April 17, 2011

"Relic of an Emissary" Theme Song MV

"State Power" - Joe Ma

江山 《洪武三十二》 主題曲 - 馬德鐘

作曲: 鄧智偉/葉肇中
填詞: 張美賢

踏世上 高峰總要攀 碧血染青衫
笑中看變幻 算破綻 一子決江山
成敗瞬間 隻手風雨翻
虧欠我江山 你總要奉還

未歸路 轉身太難
像憂患 在埋下重擔
在死路 一雙腳走出生關
任恩義 生出兩難
任天地 在臣服讚嘆
世情都 飛不出我 五指山

*踏世上 高峰總要攀 碧血染青衫
笑中看變幻 算破綻 一子決江山
成敗瞬間 隻手風雨翻
打拼過千關 再不會折返
踏世上 高峰總要攀 碧血染青衫
揭開了戰幔 算破綻 一子決江山
成敗瞬間 隻手風雨翻
虧欠我江山 你總要奉還

未歸路 終需要還
浪很大 用全力再挽
汗水來 烽火照出這肝膽
在經歷 多少兩難
在感受 別離共慨嘆
看長空 千種恩怨 引刀斬

Repeat **

Personal Note: Like the song that was specially made for "The Conquest", Joe also handles this ancient song quite well, but surprised that he is able to handle such a powerful song.

"Contend for Hegemony" - Joe Ma

爭霸 - 馬德鐘

作曲/編曲/: 劉祖德
填詞: 彭小貞

亂世興衰 只想得到讚賞
風未停 夜是嚴寒

*誰在爭霸 分勝負 留情義
萬箭穿心 真真假假一輩子
仍在爭霸 得失早已成為定義

甘心幾多個 真心的誰愛流亡

心上人 傷得最傷

Repeat **

*Credits to Junelung@FJM


  1. The song is very catchy! Joe's singing is not bad at all.

    Kinda disappointed the series didn't feature Sammul's singing at all. =/

  2. To Tracy:

    Also wanted to Sammul to have a part in the songs; however, he no longer has a contract with TVB.

  3. Even if Sammul had contract with TVB I highly doubt they'll let him sing. They only let him sing the theme for the warehoused ancient series he had with Ron. Joe Ma doesn't sound that great in the themesong for The Conquest or maybe the melody doesn't flow well, Though his singing has always been mediocre. He did a better job for the Relic theme but the song isn't great as well.

  4. To sport3888:

    Aside from the theme song of "The Guts of Man", Sammul also took part in the theme songs of "The Four", "E.U.", and "A Bride for a Ride"; thus, he still had an opportunity to sing songs for series when he had a per series contract with TVB.

    Also, that song is not the theme song of "The Conquest". At that time, Joe belonged to a music company, and they specifically released songs to coincide with the broadcast of his series. Aside from "The Conquest", he also had a song for "Maiden's Vow".

  5. I lovee this song so much!!

    Hyn5, would you be able to translate this song into English =D?

  6. To Anonymous:

    Sorry, I do not translate songs.

  7. I, too was pleasantly surprised that Joe was able to sing such a powerful song. He really did a good job! He also acted well in here too!