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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Linda Chung Admires Charmaine Sheh and Wong He



"Out of the female artistes, I admire Charmaine [Sheh] the most. She is a female artiste who is really worth respecting. When I was in Canada, already watched the series she filmed. Really like her being the character Chuk Kwan Ho. I will use her as a goal. Certainly hope to get 'Series Queen', but believe that I'll need to use a few years to train myself. Charmaine also worked for a very long time before getting it. Her acting ability is really very mature".

Admires Wong He's Attitude

"In terms of male artistes, I really admire He [Wong He]. He is very hardworking, and has a very tight grasp toward production and the whole team. This industry really needs this type of person to drive the focus of the team. Wong He is of great help to me. His acting ability is very incredible and very meticulous--very clear about how the feeling of the scene would be. From 'The Gem of Life' to 'Twilight Investigation', he has given me a different outlook. He has high expectations toward different aspects of the drama crew, which is a good thing. He also wants the production to be good--certainly cannot be excessively out of place or unreasonable. If it can make the entire scene good, why can't the script be changed? I really admire him".

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Personal Note: This is not the first time that Linda has expressed her admiration toward Charmaine and He. :)

*Credits to orientaldaily


  1. Linda chung should be have some more confidence!! She's a great actress and I think a lot of people know that. She doesn't have to take Charmaine Sheh as her goal, because in my opinion Linda is much better than Charmaine. I believe Linda Chung would take the "Greatest Actress" prize, ever.

  2. I read this news earlier and was really happy to see Linda mention Wong Hei. It's such a coincedence that both of Linda's breakthrough roles of the spoiled rich girl in "Gem of Life" and lang mo model in "Twilight Investigation" are both where she had relationship line with Ah Hei! I truly believe Wong Hei is Linda's best costar.

  3. PS Wong Hei is such an underrated lead actor, should've won the tv king award long ago. His acting is always great able to make you feel for his characters and really see him as the role rather than thinking oh it's Wong Hei acting as this character.

  4. she pick Charmaine Sheh as her goal? sounds like she want her spot. dont know if that can happen, thats a far fetched goal. Charmaine has a million times more popularity and status, very hard to reach, especially when Linda's face doesnt have the star attraction that Charmaine's does no matter how many yrs down the line.

  5. Are people taking Linda's words a little too far? Looking up to someone does NOT mean she doesn't have the confidence. Just like how a singer admires Jacky Cheung and takes him as their goal/model. It's just means that he wants to become a person with great vocal skills and respect in the industry.

    Wing, I think your comment is uncalled for. It doesn't matter what YOU think because the article has proved that Linda chose Charmaine as her inspiration and not you.

    Anon, not necessarily. Why so negative? A person who works hard will eventually make it to the finish line, just like Wayne Lai. Don't forget, Linda is already a star of her own. It wouldn't take her long before she becomes the next fadan.

  6. It is always nice to hear artistes comment on other artistes!