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Friday, April 15, 2011

Selena Li Screencaps Kenneth Ma in "Virtues of Harmony"


Selena Li: "Saw Ma Ming in 'Virtues of Harmony'.... After all of these years, his looks haven't changed much!!!"

Personal Note: "Virtues of Harmony" is currently re-airing on TVB Jade in the afternoons. Selena must have been watching it in between takes of filming "The Boxing King". He he.... Love it when she randomly Weibos on Ma Ming! :D

Selena already posted this previously, but deleted it shortly afterward (most likely because she had a typo). In her new post, she ended up removing a couple characters and switching some of the wording.


  1. Hahaha yeah!! LOVE IT TOO! :) Very Sweet!~~ How good it will be if they're truly a real life couple? :) It'll be Awesome!! :D

  2. I remember that scene! He was with Kingdom Yuen, hehe

  3. haha I remember that scene as well! haha Kenneth was the tall and handsome candidate but after the saving in mid air scene he started spitting blood lol all the candidate that Ma Kwok Kou recommended had defects/disablities.

  4. Omg...I love Virtues of Harmony and have seen it tons of times already, but I don't remember him being in it :( Must have a Virtues of Harmony marathon sometime xD

  5. LOL They must be close for her to go through with the effort.

  6. omg haha this coment reminds me of the time on weibo someone @ Raymond Cho for his role in Police Station no.7 and claimed that his appearance hasn't change after so many years. LOL then Kevin Cheng tweeted "his acting also hasn't changed XP" and Selina then adds "his fame hasn't changed either" HAHAHAHAH!!!

    I never knew Kevin Cheng was so jokes and Selina and his comments were so "jut" HAHAHAH and such good cooperation!!

    Kenneth actually showed up many times in Virtues of Harmony!! :) He was also a fortune teller near the beginning of the series :)

  7. Haha, so cute for Selina to have noticed. I remember a while back when I was re-watching Virtues of Harmony, I paid attention to all of Kenneth's cameo appearances hehe =]

  8. Well, actually Selena posted this on 14th: http://weibo.com/1722305372/zF4mVgEzRs but removed for an unknown reason. Then the next day (15th) she reposted it, changed the text a lil bit ('Saw Ma Ming today' into 'Saw Ma Ming')...

    Wonder why she removed, but then later decided to repost again?

  9. To JingMui:

    Kevin Cheng always jokes around with his closest friends. He and Raymond have known each other since 1994.

    To lizzy:

    Saw that post last night, but Selena had already deleted it. She most likely deleted it because she had a typo.

  10. It is always so fun for other artistes to Weibo on MM. Will MM and Selena film modern series together?