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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Moses Chan Opens Coffee Shop, Turns Down New Series



Recently, TVB has been having a rise in the leaving-the-company trend, such that many siu sangs and fa dans have been going up north to film series and make money. First-line fa dan Charmaine Sheh's contract expires in May, but she still has not renewed her contract, while Bowie Lam, Joe Ma, etc. also have plans to leave. Thus, the remaining artistes have become valuable, and everyone who films has a say. Moses Chan, who has been nicknamed the city's 'Good Property King', has never turned down a series in the past ten years. Recently, in a rare occurrence, he 'disobeyed', and turned down producer Nelson Cheung's new series "Yue Fu's Hidden Dragon".

Originally, Moses was supposed to film TVB's new series "Yue Fu's Hidden Dragon" in May; however, at the last minute, he turned down the series for personal reasons. After some investigation, it was discovered that the reason for turning down the series was because of becoming a boss. Moses and investors would be opening a coffee shop in Malaysia. Since this is his first coffee shop, it would require more time to plan and figure out. He expressed to TVB that he must personally attend to the coffee shop for a month; therefore, during this time, he will not be able to take on any series.

With regard to Moses turning down the series, producer Nelson Cheung admitted that there was this matter. He disclosed that he had already booked Moses last November to film the new series. All this time, Moses did not express that there were any problems until March 1st, when [he] turned down the series for personal reasons. When asked about what the personal reason was, Nelson Cheung said, "Moses is opening a coffee shop in Malaysia, and becoming a boss, so [he] has to stay there and personally attend to it for a month. Everyone believes that this is not a reason. Opening a shop and doing business...can't just open it after saying it. Already booked him last November...why would he use this reason to turn down the series!"

Nelson Cheung expressed that the cast of this series has changed again and again. It was initially tailor-made for Sheren Tang, such that it would be a series about courtesans Dong Xiaowan, Chen Yuanyuan, etc., and apart from Sheren being in the main cast, there was also Moses Chan, Bobby Au Yeung, and Myolie Wu. Unfortunately, Sheren later turned down this series, and it is said that this was because of another Mainland series in which the salary is certainly better than TVB's. Since Sheren turned down the series, the producer could only change the concept and film "Jinling's Eight Courtesans". Moses would play a secretary of music entertainment in the series, while Bobby would play a role that is similar to 'Mozart', and Linda Chung would be added. Nelson Cheung helplessly said, "When tailor-making for artistes, it may not necessarily be what was intended. Too many influential factors. Now, the power falls on the artistes. The user has become passive. After artistes hear a story, they may not take on the series". He admitted that he is slightly unhappy because of this matter, since filming will begin on May 1st. Now pressed for time...slightly at a loss to look for another candidate.

On the other hand, Moses denied turning down series. Yesterday, he expressed, "Not turning down series. Have not turned down any series in the ten years of being in the industry. This time, because of the coffee shop opening, the schedules clashed. Already clearly explained it to the executive first hand. In the middle, there was a small misunderstanding. I also regret not being able to film this series". As for TVB's siu sangs and fa dans leaving the company one after another, and the remaining artistes becoming valuable, Moses laughingly said, "Didn't know that Sheren turned down the series. I have always been a small potato (minor character)...not convenient to comment on other people's matters. I have always been a person with a great sense of responsibility...whatever the job, would do the best. The word 'disobey' would not happen to me. Would always do the best for jobs arranged by the company".

Personal Note: Slightly disappointed that Bobby and Moses will not be able to collaborate with each other again, but Moses has said numerous times that it is his dream to open his own coffee shop, so happy for him. :)

Anyway, in another article, it was mentioned that they are considering having Ngo Ka Nin take over for Moses, but there are worries about whether he would be able to handle it. Thus, they may just change the script and increase Bobby's screen time.

*Credits to singtao and the-sun


  1. If they do increase Bobby's screen time, that's not a bad thing. I need to see more good actors like him in TVB drama.

  2. Moses' hair looks very weird in this picture.