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Thursday, April 21, 2011

"Yes, Sir. Sorry, Sir!" Promotional Event 1 @ TVB8 Clip

Ron Ng: "I am a cop. Right now, [I] suspect that you are a triad member who has invaded the school. Who are you?"

Moses Chan: "Sorry, I am also actually a mole".

Ron Ng: "You are a...."

Moses Chan: "I am here to catch a thief".

Jones Lee: "Law Lok Lam dies again?"

Leanne Li: "Earlier, Law Lok Lam became internationally known because, within 24 hours, he died in many of the series he had participated in; however, he doesn't have to die in the new series. He also has scenes with Moses Chan, Linda Chung, Tavia Yeung, and a group of naughty students".

Ron Ng: "You have a mustache. Nothing to say?"

Moses Chan: "Miss Ho is also my cup of tea".

Moses Chan: "In the series, she is called Miss Koo, and her name is also Cool. Thus, in the series, she and I have a relationship; however, my relationship with her is a work relationship. She really likes me because I make her open up her heart. However, I like Tavia Yeung, but I can't be with her because I am a mole".

Cilla Kung: "This time, there are many cops, so because our Law Sir is a mole, he entered the school to investigate whether we have done any criminal acts. Later, there are many cops, and many things happen".

Tavia Yeung: "This is the first time that we filmed a series with many students. I think it is very refreshing because it can be very relevant to the lifestyle of teachers and students. Can see the types of events that they would have in their life, the hobbies that they like in the series".

Ron Ng: "Actually, filming this series, I feel that I have gone back to the the time of secondary education because you can see that the age of the Ron Ng now is quite old".

Tavia Yeung: "Age...."

Ron Ng: "The mature type.... Also, filming this series, I think that it is quite good because it can inform Hong Kong students about current issues, and teach them about the growing process".

Leanne Li: "In the series, Tavia is caught between two handsome men, Ron and Moses. Which guy would she prefer in real life?"

Tavia Yeung: "Actually, in reality, I really hope to combine the both of them. Why? Because for one, I actually do not like...."

Ron Ng: "Currently asking you which one you would choose...."

Tavia Yeung: "I know! I have a reason. Don't make a noise, okay?"

Ron Ng: "Okay, sorry".

Tavia Yeung: "Because why? I don't like to drink coffee, but Moses really likes to drink coffee; thus, in reality, I have already deducted him by half because I don't like to drink coffee. I'm afraid of becoming addicted to coffee. Also, I tried a half a cup of his coffee before, and I couldn't sleep the entire night...thinking of him and blaming him because I couldn't sleep. However, he...."

Ron Ng: "I am milk tea! I am milk tea!"

Tavia Yeung: "He is milk tea. Why do I have to deduct half again? I also don't drink milk tea! I don't drink milk tea, coffee, or tea. What do I only drink? I only drink water. Such a pure person, so certainly must find a very good man to complement me".

Ron Ng: "They're asking you about whom you would choose in the series. Why are you talking about the fact that you drink water?"

Tavia Yeung: "I must answer for myself. It is my personality in the series!"

Ron Ng: "Are you selling yourself?! Sell our series, okay?!"

Tavia Yeung: "On TV, I must sell myself!"

Leanne Li: "Although Tavia has an aversion toward Moses' coffee, there are also some payoffs from filming. Moses, who has an April birthday, will have to go to Mainland to film a coffee programme".

Moses Chan: "Actually, I have to leave for Jamaica immediately to film a coffee programme, so I had to celebrate with the coffee beans here".

Linda Chung: "Very happy to be able to go on a trip...."

Moses Chan: "Filming a programme sounds very happy, but must get up at five or six in the morning...."

Linda Chung: "Right...."

Moses Chan: "At almost 11 or 12 o'clock, then able to...."

Linda Chung: "Can you bring friends along?"

Moses Chan: "My brother".

Linda Chung: "The company lets you?"

Moses Chan: "My brother is coming with me. He is a photographer, so he can help me take some nice pictures, as well as takes some nice pictures for the business".

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Personal Note: Ha ha.... Tavia selling herself in front of the camera! :P

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  1. Haha their mandarin always make me laugh :]

    I like Ron and Tavia as friends/a couple.