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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Kenneth Ma & Fala Chen Discuss "Grace Under Fire" Ending @ "Scoop" Clip

Candy Yuen: "Congratulations! The ratings of 'Grace Under Fire' were really good!"

Fala Chen: "Thank you. Very happy".

Kenneth Ma: "Thank you. Thank you. Very happy. Extremely happy".

Fala Chen: "You died very tragically".

Kenneth Ma: "Yes, died very tragically. He deserved to die!"

Fala Chen: "The producer informed us of some good news. We averaged 32 [points], and peaked at 35 [points]".

Kenneth Ma: "Right...."

Fala Chen: "Also, in total, there were 2.23 million viewers who watched it".

Fala Chen: "How could I let him come by himself?"

Candy Yuen: "In the series, Fala [Chen] and Bosco [Wong] had a happy ending, while Kenneth Ma got his just deserts. Viewers liked both of their endings".

Candy Yuen: "You died, but everyone seems to be quite happy".

Kenneth Ma: "Yes, actually my mom told me that the next day she went to the market to shop for groceries, and many people already said that Yau Sam Sui deserved to die".

Fala Chen: "There were many fans who said that it was fortunate that I didn't die, and that it was good that he died. These were the main.... The most messages were about these two things".

Kenneth Ma: "Also, many people asked me why my wife would suddenly have a knife".

Candy Yuen: "Yes!"

Kenneth Ma: "How about I answer that for everyone? Actually, there was a shot that explained it. On the train, someone was selling fruits, and there was a knife there".

Candy Yuen: "Will you guys arrange to celebrate with each other later?"

Kenneth Ma: "Actually, really want to, but--you know--Fala is also busy. Many actors have already dispersed".

Fala Chen: "I still owe you a lamb chop meal".

Kenneth Ma: "Yes, you still owe me a lamb chop meal. Actually, later, let's see if there will be an opportunity to book as many of the cast and crew members to a meal and celebrate together; however, must complement our schedules".

Fala Chen: "I also made an appointment with [Liu] Xuan. She said that, when she returns to Hong Kong next time, she will definitely call me. She frequently says that she would call me, but she's also very busy, and so does not have the time to call us. If able to, everyone can get together".

Kenneth Ma: "Good. Good".

Personal Note: Although the script of "Grace" was extremely flawed, still must congratulate the series for ending on a better note in terms of ratings.

Regarding the sudden presence of the knife, Kaki Leung also explained this on her Weibo.

1 comment:

  1. Indeed, the script was very flawed but I enjoyed the show while I was watching and that's to the actors' credit.