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Friday, April 15, 2011

"Yes, Sir. Sorry, Sir!" Promotional Event 1


"Scoop" Clip

Moses Chan: "Happy birthday to me".

Agnes Lam: "Your birthdays are in the same month".

Linda Chung: "Yes, I just...."

Moses Chan: "Yes! Happy birthday!"

Linda Chung: "Thank you! Thank you!"

Agnes Lam: "Send wishes to each other first".

Moses Chan: "Yes".

Linda Chung: "Happy birthday! You and my sister....."

Moses Chan: "When?"

Linda Chung: "Are the same".

Agnes Lam: "Really?"

Linda Chung: "You and my sister have the same birthday".

Moses Chan: "Really?!"

Angie Mak: "Moses Chan, who likes to tell gags and reacts fast, will be having a birthday tomorrow. Yesterday, the series 'Yes, Sir. Sorry, Sir!' had a press conference and a birthday party because the series' Linda Chung, Queenie Chu, and Jess Sum are also April birthday girls".

Moses Chan: "I shot it with a lot of technique".

Angie Mak: "The series revolves around a group of teachers in a school. Wow, why does Moses have a gun? Because he is a mole. Yesterday, they also took the opportunity to play around with Law Lok Lam, who was acknowledged internationally because of having died four times within 36 hours".

Jones Lee: "Lam Lok Lam dies again? After becoming the talk of the town from dying four times within 36 hours, he has died again today".

Angie Mak: "This school has good people, bad people, and certainly some lovers as well. Actually, how is the many-angled relationship among Moses Chan, Linda Chung, Ron Ng, and Tavia Yeung?"

Moses Chan: "Miss Ho is also my cup of tea. Look at my gun".

Ron Ng: "You only drink coffee!"

Ron Ng: "Why would Tavia captivate Moses and Ron? Why like her in the series? She definitely has her own charisma, such that her inner beauty is let out. What?"

Angie Mak: "However, there was a major discovery during the interview".

Agnes Lam: "You are more compatible!"

Tavia Yeung: "Linda, come here".

Agnes Lam: "Saying that your outfits clashed!"

Tavia Yeung: "What clashing outfits? This is called compatibility".

Linda Chung: "What? What?"

Tavia Yeung: "This is called happening to coincide".

Linda Chung: "We...."

Tavia Yeung: "Happening to coincide...."

Ron Ng: "Can [you] not be so manly?"

Linda Chung: "We didn't call each other. However, don't know why.... Before heading out the door, I was thinking...."

Tavia Yeung: "Was seized by a whim...."

Linda Chung: "Was seized by a whim.... It seemed as though there was some kind of feeling telling me not to dress like this. Afterward, I dressed like this".

Ron Ng: "Although their shirts are clashing, their pants aren't clashing, okay?!

Angie Mak: "Is there a solution to this clashing outfits incident? Yes, just behave and say the slogan together".

All: "'Yes, Sir. Sorry, Sir!' Grand broadcast on Monday at 9:30pm!"

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Personal Note: Funny how they made Law Lok Lam die again at the promo event. :P In the news, it was mentioned that Lau Ka Ho gave him a red pocket.

Ron making fun of Tavia.... Tavia hitting Ron.... Always fun to see their interactions...love it! :D

*Credits to tavia.org and tvb.com


  1. I love Ron's comeback to Moses of him only drinking coffee! Lol. Good one. :P

    I don't really think Linda and Tavia clashed, but matching. xD They look nice in what they wore respectively.

    Love how Ron is always mocking Tavia too. And Tavia seems really happy that day. Can never get enough of them! ^_^

  2. ^ Yeah, their outfits aren't clashing. Tavia is always playful.

  3. Omg Ron & Tavia made me laugh so much...haha this is why I love Tavia :D She is always so playful & stuff. <3 Plus Taro are SUPER cute together...

  4. haha! Congratulation for the upcoming drama I will definitively watch it and maybe your drama will rank the highest yay.

  5. Did you see the other clip of TaRo, hyn? I think it's even more fun than this one. Tavia is so violent to Ron. xD But you can tell he's kinda accustomed to it. :D


  6. To dvd:

    Already saw the clip...just have to translate it. :)

  7. I wonder if they will post the full interview onto their TVB blog
    I think we will see more fun in the full interview than in these cut interviews

  8. To Kimmy:

    Also hope that they post the full interview in their TVB blogs! :)