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Monday, April 11, 2011

Law Lok Lam Dying Five Times in One Day: 'Acknowledged Internationally'


The news about 'Green Leaf King' Law Lok Lam 'dying' five times in five series within 24 hours on TVB screens has been a big hit online recently. Even tvb.com specially arranged for him to accept an interview. Regarding Law Lok Lam's record of five consecutive 'deaths', this even aroused international media interest. ABC News and the online version of Singapore Straits Times' entertainment report also reprinted this news. It is unexpected that, this time, Law Lok Lam relied on 'dying' to get acknowledged internationally.

Someone Suggested to Apply for Guinness World Records

After knowing that the web sites of foreign countries have also reprinted this news, he could not help but laugh. He said, "Heard that someone has applied for the Guinness World Records for me. In 24 hours, it is not easy to have five of my series air, and even impossible to die five consecutive times. Even if it had to be accommodated, it would not work out. Really very funny!"

Here is the link to the report from ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) News.

tvb.com Interview

FYI: During prime time on April 6th, Law Lok Lam's characters in "Relic of an Emissary" and "Grace Under Fire" respectively died of old age and from being beaten to death. During the midnight time slot on April 7th, his character in "Police Station No. 7" also died, and on the same day, his characters in "Face to Fate" and "Virtues of Harmony" died as well.

Apparently, in the finale of "The Hunter's Prey", Law Lok Lam's character also met his end on April 8th. Thus, the characters he played in series actually died six times within 42 hours.

Personal Note: Read about this topic in the forums, and also saw it circulating on Weibo.

Have always enjoyed Law Lok Lam's acting. Quite funny that he became noticed for 'dying' in so many series within a short period of time. :P Anyway, looking forward to his performance as a comedic triad boss in "Yes, Sir. Sorry, Sir!" :)

*Credits to mingpao and tvb.com


  1. I don't remember him in Face to Fate.

    I'm glad to see him back on-screen. Really enjoyed his performances thus far!

  2. lol hyn5 I was waiting for you to post this! I knew you would cause it was a big deal! I only found out after seeing the tvb interview clip on youtube ! I was surprised how trendy he dresses and how outgoing and a happy person he is! =)

  3. He's so underrated.

    I enjoyed his acting.

    Great acting in The Mysteries of Love.

  4. LMAO I love Law Lok Lam! He's my favourite actor to play villian roles (actually any roles he plays is good, he makes the characters more enjoyable to watch be it good/evil)...my earliest memory of him was in Road for the Heroes with Roger Kwok. Back then I thought he was the coolest (kind of) evil sect leader ever haha.

  5. awww.
    lol i saw it in an free public transport newspaper here (melbourne) as well !!

  6. This news was very big! Uncles and aunties were talking about it at "Yum Cha".

    So, did LLL make it into the Guinness World Records?

  7. To Guru:

    He said that you have to pay a fee in order for you maintain your records. He said that there was no way that he would do that.

  8. I particularly remember his villain character in "The Intangible Truth" 生死訟 (1994). This was this performance that makes me remember this artist. He was a selfish father who will just push his own sons and wife to death if this can save his own life. He's definitely a great professional actor. I just think that TVB should also give awards or promote those actors, not only the younger generation.