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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Next TV Awards 2011 Results


"Scoop" Clip

TVB8 Clip


Top 10 TV Artistes
01. Charmaine Sheh
02. Wayne Lai
03. Sheren Tang
04. Moses Chan
05. Tavia Yeung
06. Linda Chung
07. Bosco Wong
08. Raymond Lam
09. Fala Chen
10. Natalie Tong


Top 10 TV Programmes
01. "Can't Buy Me Love"
02. "No Regrets"
03. "The Mysteries of Love"
04. "The Rippling Blossom"
05. "Kitchen Diva Louisa"
06. "A Fistful of Stances"
07. "Beauty Knows No Pain"
08. "Fun with Liza and Gods"
09. "The Men of Justice"
10. "Ghost Writer"


Most Promising Male Artiste: Him Law
Most Promising Female Artiste: Sire Ma

Sponsor Awards


Switzerland Dr. Bauer Heavenly Youthful Skin Award: Elena Kong
Ingrid Millet Most Perfect Skin Female Artiste Award: Louisa So
MSC Men's Body and Skin Care Centre Skin Improvement Award: Kenneth Ma
Philips Sparking Charm Award: Fala Chen
Redoxon Health Defense Award: Vanessa Yeung
Svenson Shining Healthy Hair Award: Moses Chan

Unpublished Pictures

Personal Note: Congratulations to all the winners, especially to Charmaine for topping the list on her tenth consecutive year of making it into the top ten! :)

Like many, was very surprised that Natalie was able to garner a spot in the top ten. The character Ngan is definitely a turning point in her acting career. Personally not a fan of her acting, but hope that she continues to improve.

Series that air right before and during the voting period have always been eligible for these awards, so not surprised that "The Rippling Blossom" made it into the top ten for TV programmes. In 2005, "My Family" was also able to grab the fourth spot despite just beginning to air at the end of January.

Anyway, nice to see "A Fistful of Stances", "Beauty Knows No Pain", and "The Men of Justice" in the top ten, but would have liked to see "Twilight Investigation" in there as well.

Also, expected "Fun with Liza and Gods" to place higher, as it was such a popular and talked-about variety programme last year.

*Credits to tvbchannel, Kenwick @ 法拉城, and lamping


  1. I'm not too surprised Charmaine made it #1 again considering her popularity and large fan base.

    I'm not too fond of Natalie's acting, but Ngan won her popularity.

  2. Charmaine rockz!!!!
    really like Linda's pictures! so pretty!

    me too~ dont really like natalie's acting....dont understand why tvb is promoting her....there are better actress than her!

  3. Yes really surprised about Natalie. I don't think her acting and popularity is up there. It's odd seeing Natalie with the others up there because she's still a supporting status. The spot is better off to Myolie. I feel sorry for her not getting this.

  4. my list would be
    Tavia Yeung
    Sheren Tang
    Wayne Lai
    Raymond Lam

    Best Drama
    No Regrets
    Mysteries of Love

  5. Personally i thought selena would be a better candidate to put up there. I'm okay with natalie. But i feel that selena is much better than her. Just really dad to see tvb promoting natalie more than selena..

  6. natalie is over-rated with ngan. to me her acting brings no improvement of her but annoyance....*blek*

    used to like her, but she makes me puke now

  7. whoa, I never knew tavia's sister griselda's mandarin was so good! compared to tavia's...
    it would've been weird if it was her sister interviewing her but in mandarin xD

  8. I reckon Natalie has improved with her acting especially in The Comeback Clan, felt she was a lot more mature and professional like. Her character in AFOS was ok but nothing special. I think she deserved the spot if people voted for her.

    Selena is ok but her acting ain't special neither, pretty much the same as Natalie. I feel that Selena is promoted more than Natalie anyways.

  9. Good for Natalie. Too bad Steven Ma didn't make the list.

  10. Wished that MM and WH made top ten. I really enjoyed Tong Gor Jai and Ngon Gui Gui.