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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Raymond Lam & Kenneth Ma Filming "Back to the Three Kingdoms" @ TVB8 Clip


Yao Bin: "Raymond Lam, who has recently been bothered by Mavis Pan's matter, has decided to focus on work and not discuss rumours. Thus, when reporters asked him about the storyline of 'Back to the Three Kingdoms', he couldn't stop talking about it".

Raymond Lam: "Afterward, will film 'Back to the Three Kingdoms', which is a time-travelling series--a series related to history. When I was young, I was more familiar with the history of the Three Kingdoms because, whether it's 'Records of the Three Kingdoms' or 'Romance of the Three Kingdoms', I also really like it. Thus, when I was young, I already read many different works regarding the characters of the Three Kingdoms. I also like many of the characters. Finally, I am lucky enough to take part in a series in this era--actually quite happy. In this series, because there are many actors whom I have collaborated with for many years, and they are playing historical figures whom I have been very familiar with since young. From our costumes and makeup, it does really seem as though historical figures are standing in front of me, so the feeling is quite realistic".

Yao Bin: "The important figure who has time-travelled from the modern time to the ancient time is actually Kenneth Ma. On this day, he and Zhang Fei chatted happily. Kenneth also shared some of the series' funny moments with everyone".

Savio Tsang: "Can tell from my look that I am Zhang Fei. Zhang Fei is a part of 'Liu, Guan, Zhang', whose, needless to say, high morality reaches up to the clouds. The three of us are like brothers. Most importantly, there is a bathing scene. You help me scrub my back, and I help him scrub his back. This scene is a must-see! I also greatly anticipate it. There is also another special figure in the series who went from the modern to the ancient. Who is it?"

Kenneth Ma: "Yes, in the series, I am a modern-day person who went back to the ancient. It was an accident that he went back. Actually, in the modern day, I am a person who always does not know what he wants to do--does not have many goals. After coming here and seeing 'Liu, Guan, Zhang' and Zhuge Liang, he learns our Chinese traditions regarding benevolence, righteousness, propriety, courage, etc. He learns these things from them, and becomes a true man. Because I was an extra in the modern day, I was really wearing a wig when I went back".

Savio Tsang: "However, don't know why the wig does not come off".

Kenneth Ma: "Thus, must always fix it. While eating congee, would use the congee to fix it. Use saliva to fix it...."

Raymond Lam: "Because Kenneth Ma is playing a modern-day person who goes back to the era of the Three Kingdoms, quite a bit of modern terms or factors would be added in. This time, it's quite fun. He.... We.... Aside from some history, there are also some characters from the Three Kingdoms and their.... The scriptwriters feel that.... They have also written about things such as family life, so I think that it's quite fun. Actually, some scenes are quite fun. Also, you will see, for example, some ancient people, but they will suddenly say.... Because Kenneth would teach us some modern terms, so the feeling for us sometimes becomes.... All of the actors have to wear mustaches, but we have to hold in our laughter. Thus, the entire filming atmosphere is quite funny".

Personal Note: In "A Step into the Past", they didn't explain how Louis' ancient hairstyle was kept in place. Louis' character just complained about being hot, and said that he did not understand why people in the past had a 'bun' on their heads.

*Credits to 雪子Yuki

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  1. The storyline of BTT3K is different from ASITP; however, I think there will be a lot of similar elements (using English terms, etc.).