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Saturday, April 9, 2011

"Yes, Sir. Sorry, Sir!" Promotional Clip 3

Moses Chan: "I'm afraid of love".

Narrator: "Encountering an enthusiastic Miss".

Tavia Yeung: "When encountering a student with problems, we must be even more careful when educating!"

Narrator: "Knowing a cool coach".

Ron Ng: "Got to know a Miss who has relations with the triads".

Ram Chiang: "Get close to Miss Koo as quickly as possible".

Moses Chan: "Yes, Sir!"

Moses Chan: "In the heart, only has a few".

Narrator: "Have an order, so must be a bad guy in the love department".

Moses Chan: "I believe in love at first sight".

Moses Chan: "Dating Carman is a part of my job. I only have one girlfriend, and it's you!"

Moses Chan: "I already think that fate is silly. Don't want to love casually".

Tavia Yeung: "Right now, we both love him".

Linda Chung: "Wah and I will definitely be good".

Ron Ng: "Yiu Wah is making all of us men look bad".

Moses Chan: "Understand the pain of being undercover the most".

Narrator: "'Yes, Sir. Sorry, Sir!' April 18th @ 9:30pm".

FYI: Kenneth Ma has a guest appearance in this series.


Personal Note: Love how Ram's classic duet song was featured in this clip! :)

From Ma Ming's hairstyle, it is evident that he was filming "Grace Under Fire" at the time he did this cameo. Wonder if he's just there to end up with Linda.... :D

*Credits to HKLOVE.org


  1. oohh!! finally more on their relationships! but i'm still confused over the relations hahah but i sort wish tavia ends up with ron though..and not moses

  2. lol I like how they use Ram's classic song as well, he was the one composed and penned the lyrics too! He used to be a singer-songwriter so I wonder what instrument he knows. It'd be so nice if he could write more songs for other singers. I wonder why no one ever got to write songs for them. I know I would if I was a singer.

    Again Ram Tseung is such an underrated actor.

  3. Kenneth is guest-starring everywhere, lol

    Linda's image is different. I like it. Her face suits modern series. Not digging Tavia's short hair again. Made her looked a lot older.

    Love Ram's classic song. Too bad many thought he looked more like an actor than a singer. =/

  4. I hope the song is actually featured in the series. Is TVB bringing back the good old classic songs in series? I prefer that than today's music.

  5. Ram is more well known as an actor cause he wasn't popular as a singer besides his classic duet which he won song awards for.

    ah i know why they used this song! This song is influenced by Stephen Chow's movie right? I remember Stephen Chow did a comical scene All Well Ends Well singing Ram's song http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vMNFZhjsi8k

  6. opps this is the cantonese version of the clip.

  7. To Anonymous:

    Moses and Tavia like each other, but Moses goes out with Linda to investigate her brother-in-law (Savio). Later, Ron pursues Tavia.

    To sport3888:

    On a recent "The Green Room" interview, Ram said that he still makes songs for himself, but they're more of the jazz genre. He said that it's very difficult to make mainstream pop songs. He personally made a song for Dayo Wong at the time of "To Catch the Uncatchable".

    To Tracy:

    Classic songs are always the best. :)

    To sport3888:

    Ram also had another famous duet ("皇后大道東") with Lo Da Yu.

    The lyrics of this song are suitable to describe Moses' feelings. (On an unrelated note, "All's Well, End's Well" is Moses all-time favourite movie.) This song was already famous in HK, but because of Stephen Chow's incorporation of this song in the movie, it become more known to overseas audiences.

  8. oh I need to go look for that Green Room interview! But has Dayo Wong gotten a chance to release the song Ram wrote for him yet? Really curious to know how it sounds like.

    Oh Ram should release albums again if he's still writing songs for himself! Even if there's no music company to help him at least upload them online. Just look at Paul Chun's son and daugther, Benji and Lesley! They uploaded their songs online got lots of views and that' how they got more attention for their music career!
    I wonder if Ram has a weibo.

  9. by the way Hyn5 yes I know 皇后大道東 is probably Ram's second most popular song. I heard both songs when I was young but never knew he sang them until I got older and found out through forum.

  10. I found Ram's interview here's the download link

    For other interviews you can go here

  11. Ram Tseung's Today Vip interview

  12. To sport3888:

    The song that Ram made for Dayo was for Dayo's personal use.

    Ram does not have a Weibo account.

  13. I'm anticipating this series but I hope Tavia will end up with Ron.

    Linda's story might be sad since dating her is only part of Moses work. I think I will feel sorry for her.

    Kenneth again! Kenneth and Linda might be fresh :D

  14. @hyn5: Hahaha! MM is guest starring in here just to pair up with Linda?! They look like they match well, so I hope they will pair up in a series soon.