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Monday, April 11, 2011

Ron Ng & Moses Chan Filming "Yes, Sir. Sorry, Sir!" MV @ TVB8 Clip


Vivi Lee: "Ron Ng and Moses Chan are filming the MV for their new series. Attending a class is the background. Looking at their outfits, can tell that their sparks come with ease through experience".

Ron Ng: "Should ask him. Inside the school, these matters should be related to him".

Moses Chan: "I am a teacher. He is a cop; however, I am also a cop. He also looks like a teacher. Why? It's complicated in the series. Actually.... It's like the title of the series 'Yes, Sir. Sorry, Sir!' Why is a sir a sir? Why is a sir a sir?"

Ron Ng: "Why is a cop a sir? Why is a sir a cop?"

Moses Chan: "However, on our screen, can see our naughty students at the back".

Ron Ng: "Look! Naughty students".

Moses Chan: "Naughty students. We need to keep them under control".

Ron Ng: "Also play tricks on them".

Moses Chan: "Look! Too overboard!"

Ron Ng: "Look! Too naughty!"

Vivi Lee: "For Ron and Moses, filming series is certainly like a common meal. However, when filming an MV, would it be a challenge for them?"

Moses Chan: "Actually, as a singer, filming MVs is something that I do regularly. Also not easy to be a singer. Like myself, I have been playing a singer for many years. Actually, singing is not a challenge for me. Filming an MV is like eating a meal, right?"

Ron Ng: "Eating a meal".

Moses Chan: "Eating a meal. Yes, very quick. Thus, I think that filming an MV is.... You talk!"

Ron Ng: "For him, not a challenge at all, so I think that filming the MV today, it will be very quick. Don't even need an hour, and we'll be finished filming. Thank you".

Moses Chan: "Half an hour".

Ron Ng: "Okay, half an hour".

Vivi Lee: "Finish in half an hour? Definitely incredible! Was the recording also as smooth?"

Ron Ng: "Actually, we recorded it separately, so.... Because I have been filming a series, couldn't take out some time to record this song. Actually, think that I just recorded it two days ago. Thus, when [I] just arrived, had to lip-sync, so slightly forgot the lyrics".

Moses Chan: "In terms of emotions, I think it's rather difficult. Why? Because I have to face him this time, and he has to face me".

Ron Ng: "He usually has to face girls".

Moses Chan: "How can I sing this love song well? How can I get emotions into the song? You'll know after you hear it. There is also something between us. It's...right?"

Ron Ng: "Okay. Happy together? Okay".

Personal Note: The theme song is called "Salutary Influence of Education" (春風化雨).

Moses' Mandarin is especially 囧, but it's funny hearing him speak. :D

Also, Ron is very cute, and he looks good in the MV, while Moses has many funny expressions. :)

*Credits to 小婧 @ 狂愛TVB


  1. I love how Ron never fails to look good :D

  2. Ron is very good looking!