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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Wu Chun Invited by Linda Chung to Duet


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Taiwan's handsome guy Wu Chun and Linda Chung, who is said to resemble him, both attended an event for the fashion brand Marc by Marc Jacobs. Wu Chun thinks that he and Linda have a slight resemblance: "Before, when filming a movie with Raymond Lam, he also said that there's a resemblance. Even Ekin Cheng said it before!" As for Linda hoping to group with him to sing a song, he said, "Must wait a little longer first. Currently busy with filming movies. If it's the theme song of a movie, can also duet!"

Linda Chung's Heart Palpitates Upon Seeing Wu Chun

Linda Chung and Taiwan's handsome guy Wu Chun, who is said to resemble her, both attended an event for the fashion brand Marc by Marc Jacobs. She frankly said that she felt nervous and excited, describing it as 'heart-pounding' and saying that her nose, chin, and small lips resembled Wu Chun the most...frankly saying that she must get a self-taken picture with him. She hopes to group with Wu Chun to duet or portray brother-and-sister roles. Asked whether she would make a self-recommendation, she said, "I am very passive; however, after seeing him, may suggest it!"

Personal Note: Ha ha.... Linda and Wu Chun finally meet! Their resemblance has been mentioned for a number of years...even before Linda filmed "A Watchdog's Tale"! :P

Funny how Raymond and Ekin also told Wu Chun about their resemblance! :P

Wishing Wu Chun an early birthday! He looks younger than his age. Linda didn't know whether she should refer to him as older brother or younger brother! :P

*Credits to the-sun, mingpao, appledaily, Helena, sohu, sina, and Weibo


  1. haha they really do resemble each other alot! Should act as brother and sister for a movie!

  2. Linda and Wu Chun look so much like each other! The resemblance is remarkable! :D

    Linda's comment about them playing lovers and then finding out that they are actually brother and sister is funny! She loves tragic! Haha! :P