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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Raymond Lam Happy to Be Emperor, Fala Chen Fights to the Death When Portraying Heroine



Last night, Raymond Lam and Fala Chen filmed the Sales Presentation series "Slave for Food". Raymond portrays an Emperor. He expressed that he does not know the background of the character yet, but this is his second time playing an Emperor; the first time was in "A Step into the Past". On the other hand, Fala expressed that she is playing a heroine this time...has to frequently fight, but like being on wires. When asked whether she would be afraid of getting injured, she said, "Also okay. Nancy Wu and I both have to fight. Luckily, we both have a dancing background. Stretched and exercised before filming. Not afraid of being on wires; rather, like that type of feeling. Also want to go in the fighter girl direction. Have looked for a teacher to learn kung fu to handle the needs of filming".

Personal Note: He he.... TVB still recycling costumes to film Sales Presentation clips!

Raymond doesn't have the regal feel in the Qing Dynasty costume.

When Fala says that she has a dance background, it should not be in the sense that she was formally trained.

*Credits to the-sun, appledaily, and mingpao


  1. hahahhah raymond looks pretty strange int he emperor costume...doesn't quite fit his image.

  2. Frankly, Raymond looked more regal in ASITP and that's because he had a fuller face. Nowadays, he's too skinny and looks too frail to convey power imo.