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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

"Rosy Business III" Costume Fitting @ TVB Sales Presentation 2013



Yesterday, Myolie Wu and Edwin Siu each tried on their costume for the new series "Rosy Business III", which will be featured in 'TVB Sales Presentation 2013'. This series will film next February. The two will play a spy (in the series, portraying this type of strong female character for the first time) and a gangster respectively. Myolie has a romantic storyline with Wayne Lai and Edwin; the former will play her business partner, while the latter grew up with her.

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Personal Note: For commercial reasons, doubt that the series name will change.

Myolie looks like an anime character. Her wig looks like the one that was used by Fala Chen in "No Regrets".

*Credits to the-sun, headlinedaily, and mingpao


  1. TVB's hair department sure loves to recycle their wigs. D:

    About the series title -- I dunno, right now my hunch is still that they might eventually change the name, since I think I read an article recently saying that Myolie herself expressed that she wished this series wouldn't be called RB3.

    1. To Lanie:

      Myolie did say that she hopes for title change, but the series will most likely keep 巾幗梟雄 in its title for commercial reasons.