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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Roger Kwok Playing a Lawyer: Afraid of Memorizing Lines Most



Roger Kwok, Sharon Chan, Selena Li, Joyce Tang, etc. will be filming producer Lam Chi Wah's new series, "Arrogant Man of Justice", next month. Playing a lawyer for the first time, Roger will use a lighthearted style to portray an 'urban, cool-toned guy'.

When Roger accepted an interview, he frankly said that he is very afraid of portraying lawyer roles because there is a lot of court dialogue to remember. He laughingly said, "Luckily, my memory is considered good. In addition, everything is digital now. It is also very easy to do editing. Before, got a lot of practice from 'Queens of Diamonds and Hearts'...was able to handle a lot of ancient dialogue, so not worried". In the series, Roger plays a melancholic, cool-toned guy. He said, "When my character speaks, there's a delay. After finishing a phrase, must think a while before saying the second phrase. In addition, would keep a distance from the people around him. What he says is very scum-like, causing people to feel utterly ashamed". Roger frankly said that many foreign films have this type of character...in the process of doing research.

When talking about this series filming in November, following the studio schedule of "Triumph in the Skies II", Roger laughingly said that he hopes that filming is on schedule and able to get off on time...take time off to accompany his son and have a party at home during Christmas holidays.

Personal Note: Another lawyer series?

Roger's character sounds like a cool version of Nardo from "Not Just a Pretty Face", so expecting him to be chok in here.

*Credits to orientaldaily

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