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Saturday, October 13, 2012

"Sniper Attack 2013" Filming Sales Presentation



Michael Tse Gives Up Making Money to Be SDU

Michael Tse filmed a Sales Presentation for the new series "Sniper Attack 2013". In the series, he portrays a member of the Special Duties Unit (SDU). He expressed not feeling that it was because of "Tiger Cubs" being very popular earlier: "There are still many different stories!" (Can physically handle it?) Not okay! Have kept doing exercise, but not much!" He revealed that filming would take three months, laughingly saying that there would be fewer money-making opportunities, thereby needing TVB to compensate.

Eddie Cheung Returns to TVB: Romance with Kathy Chow

In the new series, Eddie Cheung portrays an SDU instructor who also has a subtle romantic storyline with Kathy Chow. He expressed that it has already been a year since filming series for TVB, laughingly saying that he needs to see whether he can take it or not. As for it being recently said that there has been confusion in the arrangement of schedules by PAs, he frankly said that it is expected, so can only rely on oneself to double check.

Kate Tsui Portraying Policewoman for the Seventh Time

Kate Tsui filmed a Sales Presentation for her new series. She, who had a SDU look, was on a rooftop portraying a sniper. She revealed that she would begin working in December. This time is her seventh time being a policewoman: "Perhaps everyone feels that I resemble one. In the series, must keep fighting...also afraid of not being able to physically handle it!" She revealed that the series also has Kathy Chow...greatly anticipating it.

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Personal Note: Looking cool in the SDU gear!

Not used to seeing Michael with so much hair on his head! :P

Quite impressive for Kate to play a cop for the seventh time!

Since there doesn't seem to be any immediate plans to film a "Tiger Cubs" sequel, it makes sense for TVB to produce another SDU series.

*Credits to the-sun

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