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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Bobby Au Yeung Says Bye to Bags Under Eyes



Bobby Au Yeung has become the spokesperson for a [treatment] that dissolves the fat under the eyes. The bags under the eyes have followed him for seven to eight years, and have been becoming more severe. He laughingly said, "The speed in which the bags under the eyes have collected fat is proportional to how much RMB I have saved up...considerably 'abundant' like a double-decker bus. Usually rely on wearing glassing or a hat to cover them. Although I am not Raymond Lam, facial appearance is very important. From a friend's introduction, did fat dissolving to get rid of the bags under the eyes. Has become much lighter without two circles on the face. Feel ten years younger". He laughingly said that the next target to collaborate with, 'Princess Heung Heung' Eliza Sam, would also be enough and to spare.

When he was shooting photos for the commercial, the people present praised him for successfully 'returning to spring'. He cheekily said, "Now, it's quite difficult to find a person of the same age standing beside me. It seems that, following Myolie Wu and Linda Chung, I must pair with 'Princess Heung Heung' Eliza Sam. I also have to make a request to the company...have given opinions...can look for Florence Kwok to be my mom. She can be Lai Lok Yi's mom...certainly can be my mom. Yoyo Mung can be my stepmom".

Personal Note: Bobby does look more youthful!

Ha ha.... Not the first time that Bobby has suggested for Yoyo to portray his stepmom! :P Funny how Bobby and Florence were also bickering about this topic on Weibo! :P

*Credits to mingpao, ihktv, and the-sun


  1. lol really? what did they bicker about?

    1. To sport3888:

      Florence said that she may have to play his grandmother since he no longer has the bags under his eyes (http://www.weibo.com/1776903733/yFlaqzc0G). Bobby said that he respects his seniors, so he would not pick on her (http://www.weibo.com/1776903733/yFlppj1u7).