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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Schizophrenic Tavia Yeung Kills



Last night, Tavia Yeung and Ben Wong were doing location filming for the series "A Great Way to Care II". The storyline was about Tavia, who has schizophrenia, 'strangling' Lee Yee Man, but was discovered by her superior and boyfriend, Ben, who used a gun as a warning; she became afraid, so she fled. Tavia, who injured her foot earlier, was walking with a limp, but still did her own running scenes, although still needed a double to do big actions. When asked whether it was labourious to portray a schizophrenic patient, Tavia said, "It is rather strenuous. Luckily, the role does not require me to always cry intensely, but frequently has hallucinations". When discussing that boyfriend Him Law has been said to have a wealthy Mainland girlfriend, Tavia laughingly said, "Deliberate news-making! (Believe in him?) No need to talk about whether believe or not. This month is 'deliberate news-making month'...treat it as helping us to promote!"

This scene was about Tavia and Lee Yee Man having a struggle in an alley. In the end, Lee Ka Ting arrived on the scene, inadvertently killing Lee Yee Man. Ben, who portrays a cop, rushed to the scene afterward; knowing that Lee Yee Man was murdered, he pulled out his gun, preparing to arrest Lee Ka Ting. In order to protect father Lee Ka Ting, Tavia uses her body to block Ben and helps Lee Ka Ting escape the scene.

Cannot Have Too Many Awards

Ben has been frequently portraying cop roles roles recently. When asked whether he found it boring, he said, "The genre of police dramas is very diverse. I have also portrayed a cop eight times. In terms of my acting age, it would not be considered a lot...went from a PC to a Superintendent". When talking about the finale of "Highs and Lows", in which he has a part in, being revealed in which many of the leading roles have to die, he said that the reports were not entirely accurate...only revealed that Michael Miu and Kate Tsui's deaths were related to him. When he, who won last year's 'Supporting Actor' award at the anniversary, was asked whether he had confidence in repeating this year, he said, "No one can have too many awards. It's like dessert. However, I am actually already really full. If also have a dessert, would rub against the stomach!"

Laughs Toward Threats

When talking about some people leaving threatening messages on Weibo, Ben laughingly said, "Would treat them as making a joke. I plan on recommending Dr. Yat Kin Tau to them!" In his new series, he is frequently competing with Raymond Lam. When asked whether he felt that fans have been leaving threatening messages due to watching too intensely, he said, "I feel the strength of fans and feel the crazy love. It's a good thing to have a reaction, but there would always be sensible viewers who know how to differentiate".

Personal Note: So many crazy fans who can't differentiate between acting and reality...don't know why some people would take the time and effort to leave meaningless messages.

Ha ha.... Funny how Ben recommended Yat Kin Tau...expected him to say Alex Fong's psychiatrist character in "Great", but I guess Yat Kin Tau can take a look at the brain and see whether there is damage! :P

*Credits to the-sun and singtao

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