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Friday, October 19, 2012

Gigi Wong Talks About TV Queen: More Interpersonal Than Actual Substance



When Gigi Wong, who has made the top ten for TV queen for her exquisite performance in the series "Divas in Distress", accepted a radio interview, she rejected the idea of receiving a nomination. She said, "Don't do these things. Receiving awards is about commercial value...more interpersonal than actual substance". However, she revealed that she did take notice of Mandy Wong and Eliza Sam. After collaborating with Eliza, think that her performance was not bad.

When asked which female artiste she thought highly of, Gigi said that she doesn't watch series regularly, but thought highly of Eliza. She said, "I think that Mandy and Eliza both performed very well, but Mandy was restricted by her role, so she did not stand out as much as Eliza. When I first saw Eliza's expressions during filming, already thought that she was good".

Gigi, who currently resides in Canada, expressed that she would only film one series each year. Afterward, she will film "The Hippocratic Crush II"...temporarily do not know what character she would be portraying, but heard that there would be the addition of the character Ching Chi Mei (Lawrence Ng).

Personal Note: Gigi Jeh most likely has not been updated on the info regarding the sequel. Since she played Yat Kin's mom in the first installment, it would make sense for her to reprise her role.

*Credits to the-sun and wenweipo


  1. What role would Gigi play if she isn't going to play Yat Kin's mom?

    1. In the Apple Daily report, Gigi said that Norman Leung told her to not portray a cleaning lady anymore, as she should play a Dean.