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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

"Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles" Court Scene @ "Scoop" Clip

This court scene was filmed after location filming in Shanghai was completed at the end of April.

Personal Note: A lot of English dialogue for Ma Ming and Damian!

At first, thought that Idy was standing on the sandbag, but it turned out to be Damian! :P

Ha ha.... Ron teasing Rebecca and Ma Ming! :P


  1. I like how all the cast seem so close, like Sire Ma coming to visit them despite not having any scene that day. It was indeed funny how Ron teased Rebecca and Kenneth and it was funny too how Ron reacted when Rebecca called him Chin Bui 前輩 (senior).

    1. To Susan:

      Also remember Mary Jeh Weibo-ing on her visit during this court scene filming.

    2. Good to see that they are like a family off-screen too. :)

  2. The English dialogue does not seem grammatically correct, from what I observed during the close-up shot of Ma Ming's script.

    1. Noticed that there was a missing verb, and there was also a verb tense error.

    2. hahaha..tvb will always be no more than tvb-standard of English. Looking forward to watching their court scenes in English! It'll be quite interesting to watch! haha. Can't wait for this series to air soon!!!!!!

  3. The guys in here are so charismatic!