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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Eliza Sam Does Not Dare to Accept Watches from Guys



Apple Daily Clip


New 'Homebody Guy Goddess' Eliza Sam went to Sheung Shui to attend the '100 Years Watch Collection Expo'. She said, "Very happy that there are more jobs. (You collect designer watches?) I collect fashion watches more. (From boyfriend?) Someone wanted to give one, but I didn't dare to accept it because there is a very strong meaning in giving a watch". She also expressed that she has been actively practicing Cantonese.

Personal Note: Eliza has so many events!

I don't collect designer watches, but I have many watches! :P

*Credits to the-sun and appledaily


  1. I've noticed you've been posting alot of Eliza lately. You've become a fan of hers after Divas? :D

    Oh what's the meaning behind giving someone a watch that she's talking about? Haha I only know that giving someone a clock is bad luck...but don't know about watches ^-^;;

    1. To lynne:

      I like Eliza in "Divas", and I also like the way she responds to the media's questions.

      A designer watch is an expensive gift, so Eliza thinks that it should be given between close people.