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Friday, October 26, 2012

TVB 2013 Calendar Preview


Bosco Wong, Aimee Chan, Kate Tsui, Raymond Lam & Linda Chung

The same group from January 2009, with the addition of Aimee.... Should have used a nicer background to match what the artistes were wearing! Don't know why Linda is off to the side and is the only one smiling.... o_O

Roger Kwok, Michael Tse, Michael Miu, Tavia Yeung & Fala Chen

This was supposed to be a festive theme with a lot of red in it.... What's with the wallpaper background?! o_O Don't like how the guys are in the back and are separated from the girls....

Nancy Wu, Christine Kuo, Kristal Tin, Mandy Wong, Sharon Chan & Selena Li

Remember Mandy saying that the girls would be wearing elegant evening gowns, but it looks more like a girls' night out...don't like the poses! Christine looks like Koni Lui here. Mandy's makeup looks bad.... o_O

Vincent Wong, Him Law, Jason Chan, Ron Ng, Kenneth Ma, Lai Lok Yi & Edwin Siu

Thought that the guys actually went to a shipyard to shoot this, but it looks computer-generated! Only Ron looks good here. Did not recognize Ma Ming.... o_O' Surprised that Lai Lok Yi's in here...would have liked to see Tsui Wing or Benjamin Yuen instead (actually quite surprised that no Mr. HKs were included in the calendar).

Nancy Sit, Susanna Kwan, Louise Lee & Michelle Yim

The same group from February 2009, with the exception of Kiki Sheung.... The poses are better here, but nothing special in this month.

Evergreen Mak, Lau Dan, Sunny Chan, Raymond Wong, Ben Wong & Raymond Cho

The most photoshopped month! The white collars and bow ties make me think of the Chippendales..... o_O

Toby Chan, Carat Cheung, Sonija Kwok, Rebecca Zhu & Tracy Ip

The picture for this month was definitely one of the better ones! Sonija still looking radiant among her juniors!

Samantha Ko, Lin Xia Wei, Natalie Tong, Eliza Sam, Sire Ma, Katy Kung & Vivien Yeo

Like the confined box, but don't like the shiny legs.... Surprised that Vivien is in here, as she doesn't seem to be a promoted artiste (would have preferred Elaine Yiu or Oceane Zhu)....

King Kong, Louis Yuen, Johnson Lee, Wong Cho Lam & Amigo Choi

Nothing special about this picture....

Eric Tsang, Astrid Chan, Liza Wang, Carol Cheng, Patrick Dunn & Natalis Chan

Hosts were never included in previous years...an indication that many big names are no longer in TVB....

Kevin Cheng, Wayne Lai, Myolie Wu & Moses Chan

Glamourously dressed, but such a bad background! Wayne, in particular, looks chok and constipated! o_O

Kenny Wong, Eddie Kwan, Ruco Chan, Koni Lui, Ngo Ka Nin, Queenie Chu & Oscar Leung

This was also one of the better months, especially since the artistes looked more natural in their poses and expressions. Didn't know that Eddie still has a contract with TVB....

*Credits to starphoto


  1. I didn't even realize that no Mr. HK are in this... Now that you mention it, why aren't Elaine Yiu and Oceane Zhu in the calendar?

    Just some quick comments on each month:
    Jan: Linda looks out of place...
    Feb: just plain weird.
    Mar: over touched up.
    Apr: Kenneth and Edwin!
    May: feels outdated/cheesy.
    Jun: hmm. typical.
    Jul: only Sonjia is pretty here.
    Aug: look like plastic dolls, guess they are really promoting eliza sam
    Sep: fun MC one
    Oct: the instruments are just awkwardly there.
    Nov: very typical.
    Dec: most fun and natural one.

    1. it nice how can I get one of the calender

  2. Jan: Saw same photo but Moses was in between Ray and Linda.
    All looked gloomy except Linda, her smile so warm and sweet.

  3. In response to April, I think Ben Yuen isn't in that photo cause the rumour is that he's signed with CTI...

    Jan: Linda looks really pretty here, but yes a little out of place...I don't think Aimee should be in this month - she's not really of the status that the other 4 are (IMO, i don't think she'll ever get there. Also Bosco kinda looks like he's peering down Aimee's dress...
    Feb: The background really annoys me. And what's with the separation of the guys and girls? Fala should be up with the Jan people.
    March: The dresses and the makeup are really unattractive. What kind of stylist did they get for these pictures?? Or did they even get one at all!!???
    April: Would have liked to see Ben Yuen too...but see above rumour...Ron looks the best here. Chris Lai looks constipated...And it really looks photoshopped.
    May: Just a pic of the old veterans - that they have every calendar.
    June: Too photoshopped! Their heads are practically touching the roof!! Oddball group too.
    July: Sonjia is the most stunning of them all. Why are Miss HK's so...not pretty nowadays?
    August: Lin Xia Wei's makeup in this is terrible. Looks like Eliza Sam will soon be the new Christine Kuo - she's right in the middle of all the girls! The styling of the short hair is pretty weird too.
    September: Don't like any of the guys except Wong Cho Lam so...a bit biased. I like the contrasting colours in the photo though.
    October: Just older TVB artists, I guess. Very sassy though.
    November: WHO DID THE PHOTOSHOPPING!!??? Kevin and Myolie look the hottest. Mo...hmm...Wayne - BAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH totally constipated. Disappointed cause this had the potential to be the best month with very recent award winners and awesome actors and actress/es.
    December: Everyone actually does look really natural and relaxed here. Very appropriate. Even though it doesn't have my favourite people in it, the December photo turned out the best.

  4. Do you know if the calender is available for purchase online/for overseas?

    1. I'm wondering the same thing!