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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Nadia Chan Losing Weight for Comeback Receives Complaints from Husband




"Scoop" Clip


When Nadia Chan did a recording for a TVB programme, she encountered old partner Julian Cheung again. The two hugged to show their friendship. Nadia laughingly said, "I'm very fat!" Julian immediately said, "It's good to have some meat!" Nadia admitted that she has gained some weight in recent years. For the evening gown that she was wearing, she fasted for a day. For her album release, she will carry out a weight loss plan: "I plan on losing a pound a day. Hope to really promote next month; however, my husband told me that I did not have to lose weight, saying that there's nothing to hold on to! Was talking about my big arms".

Personal Note: Aww...Law Sir and Yung Yung reunite! :D Would love to see them collaborate again!

Nadia still looks good despite a little weight gain. :)

*Credits to the-sun and 香港buzyman

1 comment:

  1. I've always wanted Law Sir and Yung Yung to reunite but they never did! They were such a perfect match in Cold Blood Warm Heart! If only they were both part of Triumph 2 =(