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Sunday, October 14, 2012

"The Hippocratic Crush II" Filming Sales Presentation


Apple Daily Clip


Kenneth Ma Not Worried About Raymond Lam Snatching TV King

Kenneth Ma attended the Sales Presentation of "The Hippocratic Crush II". He expressed that he will continue his character from the first installment, as well as his married life with Tavia Yeung. He revealed that this installment will be adding the love triangle of Eliza Sam, Him Law, and Candy Chang. When Kenneth was asked whether he had confidence in this year's public voting for TV king, he said, "Using this system for the first year, anything can happen. (Would you be worried about Raymond Lam being a formidable opponent because he has many fans?) Not particularly afraid. It's just that the rules of the game are different. We will follow the company's arrangements". Kenneth also said that he would not call his relatives to tell them to vote because the feeling is very disgusting...taking everything as it comes.

Lawrence Ng Not Willing to Portray Ching Chi Mei Again

Lawrence Ng filmed a Sales Presentation for "The Hippocratic Crush II". He frankly expressed not wanting to continue the character Ching Chi Mei, hoping to portray a new character to have a fresh feeling. Reporters laughingly said that viewers may long for familiar things? He said, "Then the original crew should film 'Healing Hands IV'!" He said that he has already watched the first installment of "Hippocratic", frankly saying that the entire series gave a very tragic feeling with one by one dying in the end. Hope that the second installment can be slightly happier.

Mandy Wong Wants to Have Storyline on Crushing Lawrence Ng

Mandy Wong and Kenneth Ma filmed a Sales Presentation for "The Hippocratic Crush II". Mandy frankly expressed being a 'Ching Chi Mei' fan...thinks that the character portrayed by Lawrence Ng was very tender...always hoped to be able to collaborate with him. When asked whether she would make a self-recommendation to the producer to add a storyline about having a crush on Lawrence, she said, "The script has not been confirmed yet. I also want to!"

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Personal Note: Going to be very difficult to not associate Lawrence with Ching Chi Mei, especially when he's portraying a doctor again. When Lawrence posted a picture of his doctor look in Weibo, even Jaime Chik asked whether Dr. Ching Chi Mei could tend to her! :P

*Credits to appledaily, the-sun, and headlinedaily


  1. Replies
    1. Tavia has been wrapping up "A Great Way to Care II", so she was most likely busy filming; however, she did film some scenes for the Sales clip of "Hippocratic II" earlier.

  2. 'one by one dying in the end...' Although there were a fair few characters who had passed away in the series, I found that it was instead enlightening rather than tragic as Lawrence described it. The deaths brought upon great messages to the audience, as well as turning events for certain characters...

    But anyway, looking forward to seeing more YuTao ;) Not really fond of watching Lawrence however..ashyn5 has mentioned, its going to be hard to not relate his THC2 character with that of his previous character in healing hands franchise...