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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

"Cold Mountain, Hidden Dragon" Filming Sales Presentation



Kenneth Ma, Kenny Wong, and Raymond Wong returned to TVB City today to film a Sales Presentation for the series "Cold Mountain, Hidden Dragon". This series will begin filming next year. Kenneth, who has not filmed ancient series for a long time, and Raymond both portray killers in the series. Reporters laughed at Kenneth, who had long hair, for looking lustful. Kenny, who portrays the ruler of an unparallelled city, and Raymond even expressed not daring to have eye contact with Kenneth.

Kenneth explained that he is portraying Ximen with this look. The story is TVB's own creation. In the series, he will be caught between the two female leads, Aimee Chan and Priscilla Wong. Kenneth also revealed that he, Raymond, Aimee, and Priscilla will have a love square in the series. On the other hand, Raymond's look revealed his muscles. Kenny said that, because he is cold-blooded, he would be wearing more clothing.

Kenny revealed that, from what he knows about the series as of now, he will have a romantic storyline with Priscilla. Filming a dancing scene today, he will be spotted by Priscilla, who is a very incredible killer.

Personal Note: Ma Ming, Kenny, and Raymond look so 囧! The costumes are so bad! Kenny looks like a woman, while Raymond looks like an anime character! o_O

Ha ha.... Ma Ming joking about resembling Ximen Qing.... :P

*Credits to headlinedaily, appledaily, singpao, and wenweipo


  1. Umm.. cool that it's their own story but.. these guys look horrible. D: lol

  2. So all three leads are killers and there are no good guys? This sounds interesting!

    1. To Dot:

      Ma Ming and Raymond both portray killers, while Kenny portrays the ruler of an unparallelled city.