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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Wong Jing Helping TVB in TV Battle, Deanie Ip Filming Series to Save TVB


Wong Jing will be filming a 40-episode modern series for TVB. Deanie Ip has been invited as the female lead. Other artistes include Mainland newcomer Kimmy Tong, Kenneth Ma, Hawick Lau, etc.

Wong Jing admitted that he would be filming a series for TVB: "Yes, TVB has invested in my company to film a Mainland series about family revenge. Looking for [Deanie Ip] to be the head of the household. Kimmy Tong is her adopted daughter. In addition, Hawick Lau and Kenneth Ma are also candidates I have in mind. Preliminarily discussed with Deanie. Preparing now. Wait for later to talk about it again!"

Personal Note: The male cast is obviously not confirmed yet, and don't know when this will begin filming, but personally do not like series about family revenge, especially when the genre is modern.... o_O

Also not a fan of collaboration series, although this type of series is helpful in getting exposure for TVB artistes in Mainland.

*Credits to appledaily


  1. Doesn't deanie like hawick? I remember hearing that, and this sounds reminiscent of "No Turning Back" (ATV) which was pretty good lol.

  2. I'm excited if Kenneth is in this. I wonder when they're going to film this too since he'll be filming Triumph 2 and then the On Call sequel afterwards? I think it's nice that he's a candidate though. :)

    In general, I wasn't really a fan of the past collaboration series either since the pace was a little too slow for me. Do you know how the reception was like when they aired in China?

    1. To AC:

      Not sure about actual reception, but it is easier for collaboration series to air in different parts of Mainland, which is good exposure.